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My Quilts

These are pictured in order from the most recent.  Just click on the name of the quilt to see the original blog post!

My newest book, Scrappy Improv Quilting contains 22 fun mini quilt projects that use scraps and stash!  Here is a little preview of all 22 quilts, but you can read the individual posts for each quilt by clicking the links below (links will become active as the each quilt is featured on the blog tour).  
You can find Scrappy Improv Quilting HERE!

Below (in my 2018 quilts), you will find individual photos and links for each of the quilts from my book, Stash Statement, but here is a little preview of all twelve quilts.  
You can find Stash Statement HERE  !






you can visit each post below to see the color wheel minis, but check out the entire wall here!


Handmade Handprints (a family keepsake quilt, names by each handprint are covered)

This FREE bonus pattern is exclusively available when you purchase my book, Stash Statement

a FREE bonus pattern when you purchase my book, Stash Statement from my Etsy shop


(made from shirts embroidered by my grandmother and mom, when my mom was a teen)


University of Memphis Quilt (made for a friend)

(a larger, horizontal version of my Gemstones quilt, specifically requested by a friend)


(this is one of a set of four quilts; check out the post to see the other three!)

(this is one of three quilts, check out the post to see the other two!)


(Laundry Money Pattern)


Grapefruit Fizz- an original design.  You can find the block tutorial HERE!

This is the fourth and final memory quilt made from my grandfather's shirts
for my dad and his three brothers.

This is the third of four memory quilts made from my grandfather's shirts 
for my dad and his three brothers.


Bricks and Mortar- #2 of four memory quilts made from my grandfather's shirts

Western Kaleidoscope- a memory quilt made for my Dad from my grandfather's shirts (#1 of four)

*The quilts below were all made before I started blogging, so photography wasn't exactly a priority.

The Night Before Christmas Quilts

Chocolate Covered Cherry

Chateau Rouge (by French General)

Summer Garden- I used a mix of Riley Blake Decadence and Daydreams fabrics

Beachy Dreams- Disappearing Nine Patch variation by Stitchery Dickory Dock

Storytime Squares Quilt- I used the pattern at Made By Rae and modified it just a bit

Churn Dash Quilt-

Scruffily Soul Blossoms- using Amy Butler's Soul Blossoms fabric 
and the tutorial found here at P.S.- I Quilt

2012- I had a wrist injury and surgery, so no quilts!  :(


Denim and Corduroy Quilt- this was made using all of my wild thing's jeans and overalls from babyhood. 

(This is also the quilt that injured my wrist while cutting the denim.  I tried therapy and other treatments for a LONG time before finally having surgery in 2012)


Christmas Pinwheels

Christmas String Spiderweb

Gumball Machine- made using the Raw Edge Circle Quilt Tutorial at Cluck Cluck Sew

Turning Twenty Quilt

LSU Quilt (I live in the Memphis area, but I'm from Baton Rouge- Geaux Tigers!)

Mom's Shabby Chic Quilt- backed in brown and cream toile

Rail Fence Quilt

Scruffily Quilt (tutorial from PS I Quilt)

Another Scruffily Quilt (love that pattern, and it was a favorite with the kids)

Baby Boy Shoo-Fly

2001-2010- LONG hiatus from quilting while we moved several times, I earned a Masters degree, 
and had our wild thing!

1999- My second quilt- a gift for my best friend (since preschool), Elizabeth

1999- my very first quilt (king size!)

(I made others in 2000-2001, but no digital cameras then, 
so I never took a picture before I gave them away!)


  1. I really enjoyed your blog and viewing the many beautiful quilts you have made. I have been on a blog hiatus due to surgery but will be back soon. You are a real inspiration to get doing things.

  2. Wow, your progression is amazing! Your quilts are beautiful. This is what I want my 'quilt' page to look like!

  3. thank you for sharing your quilts, and having this blog. I am still a "newbie" and love piecing. Now to start tackling free motion quilting!

    1. Thank you so much Darlene! I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. I'm new to blogging but not to quilting. Good luck with FMQ, I just tackled that in January myself! It just takes practice (and I'm by no means an expert!).

      :) Kelly
      ps- you're a no-reply blogger, so I'm responding here!

  4. I love the fact that you have a signature FMQ style. Gives the quilts a Kelly stamp so as to speak. :)

  5. Your quilts are just lovely . I love your colours and how modern they look. It is inspiring and wants to make me want get sewing again.

  6. Thank you so much Kelly, for the free tutorials. I love your attitude toward quilting (and refinishing desks) (smile). You make beautiful quilts, but do not make it so complex that I cannot follow. Love the simplicity of your designs and the way you explain. Yes, pics are always worth a 1000 words.
    By the way, a good method of antiquing that desk would be to use a nearly dry brush. Barely dip your brush, but even then wipe much of that off onto a piece of scrap lumber or plywood... something to dry it a bit. You'll get a feel for just how much after some trial and error. As you say about quilting, be organic with it. There is no wrong or right as long as you are happy. And you can always remove later if you dislike. 'Simple Green' is a great product in such circumstances even after water based art work dries.
    Yours is 1st site I've ever experienced not requiring password and signup. How refreshing!

    1. Thank you so much Hope! I'm so glad you enjoy reading my blog, as I truly enjoy writing it!

      :) Kelly

  7. Mrs.Young,
    I enjoyed your quilts very much.I liked the night before Christmas quilts the most.I hoped I could see more of your quilts.
    Yuka Yang

  8. I just discovered your blog. I love your quilts! Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Just discovered your blog. I absolutely love your quilts. I will be a new follower on bloglovin!

  10. I have to second Mel Swell - Wow! Absolutely just wow!! So impressive!

  11. Love your quilts, the colours are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing

  12. Mrs. Young,
    I love all of these awesome quilts! Although the one titled "Another Scruffily Quilt-2010" stood out to me. It looked identical to the one my 1st grade teacher made me that SAME year!
    -Maggie C. :-)

    1. haha, Maggie! I am so glad that you love them, and I have to say- that second Scruffily quilt was lots of fun to make, and I'm so glad it went to such a special girl!

      :) Mrs. Young

  13. i just found your blog, what a delight to look through all you quilts, beautiful!!!thank you for sharing

    1. Thank you so much, Shoshana! I'm so happy you have found my blog and have been enjoying looking through all of my quilts!

      :) Kelly

  14. Thank you for your inspiration! Community service quilting for my local guild(Island Quilt Guild) is my focus. Your time given in sharing your blog and talents will benefit so very many����

  15. Thank you for your inspiration! Community service quilting is my focus for my local guild. Your time and energy are so appreciated💖💖

  16. Thanks for user-friendly tutorials. You make newbies feel comfortable!


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