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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Lily Pad Pond and NTT

You might be surprised to learn that when I first submitted my designs for Stash Statement, I included sixteen different quilts.  As the publication process often goes, I ended up whittling the book down to twelve designs for space reasons.

As quilters, we all have designs that we like better than others, so it was easy(ish) to immediately cut three of the patterns.  Cutting the fourth proved more difficult for me.  Ultimately, Lily Pad Pond was the final design cut from the book because in the Improv in the Background section, the Regatta quilt already shows how scraps can be used to depict water.

I thought it would make the book more balanced to include the Catch a Falling Star quilt to show the sky instead, which also allowed a wider variety of scrap colors to be showcased in the book.  I know it was the right choice, but that being said, it was such a tough decision (and because I always seem to have so many aqua/light blue scraps), so I decided to go ahead and make the quilt anyway!

Lily Pad Pond was inspired by Monet's Water Lilies, and I love how the solid lily pads and flowers pop out against the wonderfully textured background.  Even though this quilt and Regatta both have a watery backdrop, this quilt uses predominantly lighter shades of blue and aqua.  When sorting through my scraps for this quilt, I eliminated navy blues completely, and only included the tiniest bit of teal and lighter royal blue.  These softer colors make it feel more like a peaceful lagoon than the depths of the ocean.

The lily pads were created with Kona Basil and Clover, and Kona Pomegranate and Camellia were used for the flowers in the centers.  I quilted with an allover rippling water design using 50 wt. Aurifil #2835 (Medium Mint) thread, and I am really pleased with the effect it creates on the quilt.  The thread color is whisper soft, but adds just a little extra dimension.

On the back, I used this gorgeous butterfly and bumblebee print, along with a stripe of Kona Breakers to widen it out.  I found this print on sale and had it on hand for awhile, just waiting for the perfect place for it, and I think it compliments the front of the quilt so well, both in print and color.

The Kona Pomegranate binding picks up the bumblebees on the back of the quilt, as well as some of the flowers on the front, and creates such a vibrant frame for this lagoon.

Even though this quilt was cut from Stash Statement, I really do love it, and I'm thrilled that I finally have the opportunity to share it!

Before we party, take a look at a few of the projects from last week that caught my eye!  I am in love with this Jumping Jacks top by Tanya Quilts in CO-

Just look at this stunner by Frederique at Quilting Patchwork-

Maggie at Making a Lather shared her progress on this rainbow scrap quilt.  So awesome!

This scrappy beauty is by Sew Preeti Quilts-

and I love the way the brights jump out against the dark background on this quilt by Vasudha at Storied Quilts-

Okay y'all!  Time to party!

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  1. Thank you for featuring my Jumping Jacks top! I hope it is quilted soon.

  2. It's beautiful Kelly! You always pick such great colors. I love the scrappy look and the pops of pink. It's organized chaos at its best!

  3. I'm glad you went ahead and made the quilt anyway. Making decisions like that can be tough, but you have a great balance of quilts in the book!

  4. I love your Lily Pad Pond! Beautiful pattern, so sad it's not in the book. Thank you for sharing quilts that you saw in other blogs, and a special thanks for featuring mine ;))

  5. The Lily Pad Pond quilt is beautiful Kelly! Will you be putting that out out in pattern form to sell?

  6. Love your use of scraps in the Lily Pad Pond quilt.

  7. I totally see lily pads! I can only imagine how hard it was to go from 16 to 12!! I have your book and it has the perfect balance, IMO! Luckily you can still share the 'cuts' with us!! Either that or write another book!!

  8. Oh Kelly, thank you for featuring "One with Everything". I am positive that my improv piecing has improved after working on Fire Pit :-)
    Love the Lily Pads. The bumble bees and the dark pink binding are just the perfect touch of warm in a pool of blues and greens. I noticed that your choice of quilting continues the tranquil waters theme. Kudos to you!!!

  9. What a LOVELY quilt -- and especially love the quilting design, it just goes so perfectly! Deb E / Oregon

  10. I really like your Lily Pad quilt. I'm going to put your book on my Christmas Wish list -- especially for my son -- he's great about getting me quilting books. I'm sure I'll be reading this one and trying one of the techniques. Hopefully by waiting I'll appreciate it even more. Great job on this "reject."

  11. The lily pads are beautiful. The improv piecing for water is awesome, as well as the bright Konas for the flowers. I need to checkout Stash Statement. I've been meaning to get it since I saw Preeti's quilt on the blog hop.
    Thank you for featuring my quilt from last week.

  12. I love love love your lily pad quilt!!! I understand your reasons for not including it in your book but I think it might be my favorite so far! I hope you will include it in your next book or a stand alone pattern.

  13. Another great pattern. I like the "water" quilting. Nice touch.


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