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Monday, December 4, 2017

Treasure Hunt

Since last week, it feels like I have been sewing nonstop around here.  This quilt using Bespoke Blooms fabric is the very last quilt that I had to finish before Christmas, and now that it's done and delivered, I can take it easy and just sew for fun.  I always try to have my Christmas to-do list finished with a couple of weeks to spare, because December is just so full!

The soft colors and prints in the fabrics create such a pretty wash of light and dark over the quilt, and you might notice that there are a few different pieces mixed in.  This quilt is a special gift for its recipient, containing small pieces of clothing from all four of her grandparents, both parents, her husband, and all three daughters.  Seeking out all of the snippets of clothing will be a special treasure hunt for her, so that's what I decided to name this quilt.

On the back I used all of the leftovers, rounded it out with strips of Kona Tarragon, and quilted with a gentle stipple.  Some of the clothing pieces contained cute embroidery, and I didn't want to quilt through those too much.  And of course, less dense quilting keeps the quilt nice and soft as well.  I decided to use Kona Silver for the binding.  I wanted to be sure that the quilt felt grown up, even with the softer colors, and the soft gray does the trick.

The back also contains a special dedication, with the recipient's name and date, as well as a quote from a favorite piece of literature.  It is placed at the top of the quilt, so that when she is covered up with the quilt and it is folded down, she will be able to read it.

This finished quilt measures 70" x 90" and though the soft colors are outside of the norm for me, they really work to give the quilt a timeless feel.  This quilt is sure to be treasured by her family for years, and I'm so glad I got to create such a personal keepsake for them.


  1. It is turning out so pretty!

  2. love the added flowers scattered here and there - nice!!

  3. What a sweet quilt you created. She is sure to LOVE it!!

  4. Sweet story, sweet quilt. Sweet all around.

  5. The quilt looks so soft and cuddly. I know it will be appreciated.


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