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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Rock Candy Finish

Happy Needle and Thread Thursday, friends.  Today, I'm super happy to show you my Rock Candy quilt finish.

Can I just say that even though I know it isn't glamorous, I love putting a nice, easy stipple on a quilt. Sometimes I discourage myself from all-over stippling, because I know there are other things that may look better, but there are times (as in the case of this quilt), that I'm just ready to get it done.  In fact, though I sometimes know exactly what kind of quilting a quilt "wants," trying to come up with the "perfect" quilting for some of my quilts really stymies me, and I end up just starting at it for a few days.  Since the actual quilting part is not really my favorite, those days are mostly spent arguing with myself, reconciling which quilt motif will look best on said quilt, and deciding whether the amount of work involved is just too much.

When this happens to me, it's good for me to remember why I quilt in the first place- for creative expression, and especially for pure enjoyment.  Stippling on quilts brings me joy, as does the faster finishes stippling allows.

On the back of this quilt, I used up my leftovers, and I might love the back just as much as the front.  Let's talk pieced backings.  I love using as many prints as possible in my quilts, which means that if I didn't use them on the back, I would have to add ALL of that fabric to my scrap jars, or make a whole separate project with them.  Piecing my backing also means that I don't have to search for yardage of a single print that I like, and that my backing always coordinates perfectly.  Plus, who wouldn't want a fun surprise on the flip side?  Yes, it's true that piecing the backing takes just a little more time, but really, we're talking a few minutes here.

Before cutting my backing pieces, I also made sure I cut some strips for a scrappy binding.  I gives a nice contrast to the white background on the front, and just disappears into the backing.  I'm still finishing up the pattern for this quilt, but when it's all ready, you'll be the first to know!

Before we get to the highlights from last week's party, I owe you a giveaway winner.  Shirley C. is the lucky winner of the Splendid charm pack sponsored by Fort Worth Fabric Studio.  Shirley, be sure to check your email!

Last week's party was amazing!  I'm positively drooling over this scrappy pineapple quilt top, shared by Tanya Quilts in CO-

Check out this beauty by Jen at deJong Dream House-

And I love this fun, scrappy quilt by Cynthia at Quilting is More Fun Than Housework-

Okay then, friends!  It's time to party.  Show me what you've got going on!

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  1. Congrats on your newly completed quilt!!

  2. Thanks so much!
    I love both sides of your quilt. I'm all about easy myself, and sometimes the simpler the better. All of the other quilts are pretty too!

  3. I always enjoy seeing what you have made, and your fabrics are so pretty. I need to try doing a simple stipple on a quilt; I think I might be able to handle that free motion design. Otherwise, I stick to straight lines!

  4. It's so pretty! My least favorite part is quilting too! There is nothing wrong with stippling and it sometimes gets a bad wrap! Do what you love!

  5. I love the Rock Candy Quilt! And stippling is still my favorite quilting pattern. I would love to make this one. Gorgeous.

  6. Kelly, this is such a pretty quilt! It really shows off this pattern so well--the bright, "sparkly" prints emphasize the way this pattern dances because of the little serifs at each end of the curve. An altogether happy, vibrant quilt. It's been a lot of fun watching it come together.

  7. I am totally in agreement. Once the flimsy is complete, it is a race to the finish and walking foot (should call it running foot) is my friend. Since Rock Candy is so bright, colorful and showcases gorgeous fabrics, overall stipple is the right choice, in my opinion. Nothing should take away from that eye candy :-)

  8. I'm with Preeti, once the top is done, I just want to finish because my mind is already on the next project. My go to finish is a big spiral. I like that it's easy to do on my domestic machine and I don't have to look for threads on the back when I'm done. BUT, I just bought a long arm so I'm looking forward to playing with it and getting more creative with that part of the process.

    Btw, thanks for the feature!

  9. I love scrappy backs and I do it all the time. I love your quilt - looks like the fancy parenthesis instead of rock candy but I love the cheery colors.

  10. Lovely finish! I love a simple quilt design. It just seems.....more cuddly and usable. That said, I certainly appreciate the custom quilt job my LAQ did on one of my quilts several years back. I 'm so glad you followed your heart on such a gorgeous finish!

  11. Rock Candy is beautiful all around . . . the scrappy back is gorgeous all by itself and the scrappy binding a nice finishing touch. I think quilts with a lot of busy print fabrics don't really need fussy quilting. It's all about the texture. I have belabored choosing quilting motifs thinking they needed to 'match' the fabrics only to realize the motif is barely noticeable on busy prints.

  12. Beautiful finish Kelly. Wonderful colors.

    Thanks for featuring my scrap quilt :)

  13. It looks great. I feel like I could have written the first paragraphs of this post -- I struggle with quilting as well. Quilting is my least favourite part of the process, and I often never know what to do. So I go with a stipple as well.


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