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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Back At It and NTT

Happy Needle and Thread Thursday!  My beloved Regina Bernina is back where she belongs, and since picking her up I've made two more color wheel minis.  This one is called Seaglass, and hands down, it's my new favorite.

Make no mistake, I have had so much fun making each one of these, but this one was especially enjoyable because I had a very wide variety of teal and aqua scraps from darkest to lightest in my jars.  Because I regularly use all of these values in my quilts, the color gradient was easy to create.

With a couple of the other colors (like orange and red), the darkest values were tough, because I don't use colors like rust or maroon very often.  Not this one though.  It's easy to see where your heart truly lies when you pull out your scraps, and it's clear that teal/aqua have my heart.

The other mini for this week is called Honeycomb, and unlike the Seaglass mini, I did have a tougher time with the darker values on this one.

I wanted to make sure that dark amber yellow was represented, but that it didn't look too brown.  A few pieces sprinkled throughout the center give just enough depth, but it definitely still reads as yellow.

Since my happy accident with my Peony pink mini (quilting four swoops instead of two), I've come up with a plan for the rest.  It will make more sense when I show all of them up on my wall, but I'm working the mishap into my design.  So, the yellow is also quilted with four swoops, but completely on purpose this time.

I'm making great progress on these.  Purple is up on my wall to finish this evening, and then I just have green left!

Before we get to the highlights from last week, I owe you a winner for the Home Grown blog hop giveaway.  Comment number 96, Pat at scrappatches is the winner!  Thanks so much to all who entered!

Oh my goodness!  Last week's party was fantastic.  I had such a hard time deciding which projects to highlight.  Check out this beauty by Diana at Red Delicious Life, made with Bonnie and Camille's April Showers line-

Better'n Dog Biscuits shared this sweet quilt, aptly named Goose.

And finally, Liz at Savor Every Stitch shared this quilt, and although the pattern is pretty simple, her mad free motion skills give it major wow factor!

Okay friends, it's time to get our party going!

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  1. BOTH of these Color Wheel minis turned out GREAT!! I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to seeing the entire collection on your wall. Swoon!

  2. The Color Wheel minis are fantastic! Love that swirly quilting design. I agree -- last week there were some amazingly beautiful quilts linked up. Glad your machine is back and humming!

  3. how wonderful are your color studies!!! I just think they are terrific! The quilting is too, great job you! LeeAnna

  4. Love the aqua/teal version SO much. I would have the same problem with darker values in yellow, orange and reds. My whole stash is pretty much in the mid value range.

  5. Love your quilting design on your color wheel minis! They turned out great!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Do you sell thispattern? I love its' simplicity and the way you used the beautiful shades of teal.

  8. Love your color block pieces.

  9. Your quilting reminds me of fingerprints. Interesting! Beautiful quilts.

  10. Each color wheel mini you make turns out even better! And I really love that swirl design you quilt them with. Like one of your readers mentioned, they're like fingerprints. And thanks for the shout-out on my quilt. :)


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