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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to all of you wonderful readers who commented last weekend on the giveaway post!  There were 65 comments.

It seems that I can never get the Random Number Generator to work in my blog post (it shows up blank), so I'm going with the Wild Thing Number Generator.  And wild thing picked number 35 (after which, he promptly asked if he was right, haha!)

Vickie was comment number 35, so congratulations Vickie!  I'll be contacting you by email shortly and I'll get this FQ bundle out to you ASAP!

Happy weekend, ya'll!


  1. Hi Kelly, I never comment when it is up to giveaways because I don't understand that system and I am not interested to receive "goodies". But please would you plase explain me because I'd like mot to remain stupid.
    Are they kind of advertising gifts that sponsors send to you because you have plenty of readers, and they want you to send their products to make publicity ?
    Just tell me if I am true or not. Thank you for your kind answer and have a wonderful Sunday time.


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