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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Double Bar, Around the Corner, and Liberated Logs

Okay, ya'll!  Today is a big day in the Perfectly Pieced Quilt Backs launch.  Today marks the halfway point, and the conclusion of the section on Scrap and Leftover Backs.  Let's kick it off, friends!

Take a look at the Double Bar design.  This one is great if you don't have quite enough scraps to fill out the entire quilt back, and the two bold stripes look nice and crisp.  Notice that the quilt featured in the book has a column of smaller scraps in the middle.  It might be tempting to toss those smaller pieces in your scrap bin, but don't do it!  Both large and small scraps look great here.

If you like, you can always flip the design.  These two quilts use the scrap columns as the "bars," with three solid stripes.

Or, you can even turn the design to make horizontal bars.  Use your quilt and your leftovers as your guide!

Up next is the Around the Corner quilt back.  This design builds scraps around a piece of yardage "in the corner" for a super fun result.

The pattern is written using a piece of yardage, but if you have lots of scraps, there's no need to let them go to waste.  You could always use them in the corner instead, like this-

And, finishing out the Scrap and Leftover Quilt Backs is Liberated Logs.  If you have a mix of lengths and widths in your scraps, this twist on a classic block might be a perfect choice!

Well friends, that's all fifteen designs using scraps and leftovers from the front of your quilt.  These designs will help you keep your scraps in check by using them immediately to finish your quilt, all while making your quilt interesting and unique on both sides (and remember, there are still fifteen more designs coming in the next several days)!

This comprehensive guide to piecing your quilt backs will be an asset for every quilter, whether you're new to pieced quilt backs, or you just need some fresh ideas.

Head over to my Etsy shop HERE and pick up a signed copy of Perfectly Pieced Quilt Backs for yourself.  You won't regret it!  

Or, you can find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Connecting Threads, Missouri Star, and Fat Quarter Shop.  It's also being carried by every major distributor, so you can ask your local quilt shop to carry it! 

Thanks so much for your support!

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  1. Oh my, you're gonna make me buy this book!!! I absolutely LOVE all these ideas for making backs out of leftovers!! I try to use my leftovers all the time but I can't seem to come up with good ideas...and now you have! and there's more??!!😲


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