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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

NTT and Swallowing My Pride

Happy first day of Fall, y'all, and welcome to Needle and Thread Thursday!  This past week, I've been working on my Truffles pattern, and if you missed it, I just released it yesterday.  It is now available in my Craftsy and Etsy shops!  I've also been working on a couple of quilts that really forced me to swallow my pride in a favor to a friend.

For the most part, I keep my blog a sports-free zone, but as some of you may already know, I am a huge LSU fan.  I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA just minutes away from campus, and that's where I earned my undergraduate degree.  Well, if you're a sports fan at all, you know that rivalries can be brutal, and Ole Miss is one of our biggest SEC rivals.  It just so happens that Ole Miss is only about an hour away from where we currently live, so it is practically a local school, and you can't throw a stone in the Memphis area without hitting an Ole Miss fan.  Anyway, a friend's son and his best friend just started at Ole Miss this semester, and she asked me to make two quilts for them.

Let me tell you- it was tough for this LSU girl to get these done.

Most of the red and navy blue fabrics came from the Metro Living line, which are really beautiful fabrics with classic geometric prints.  My favorite print by far though, is not from this line.  My favorite is the red commuter train map fabric that you can see in the bottom row of the above photo.  It is really cool!  There are several fabrics in these quilts that are small prints with both red and navy combined, and although they are showing up really muddled in the photos, they really don't look too busy in person.

The backings of both quilts are identical.  I used wide WOF stripes of all of the leftover fabrics, along with some chambray to widen them out.  The quilts finished at 60" x 60" square.

The first day I worked on these quilts, my son came home from school and was positively horrified.  He let me know right away that I should be ashamed of myself and jokingly wondered how working on them didn't make me physically ill (that kid cracks me up!).  Yes, these quilts were made with a small amount of personal shame.  Ah...the things we do for friends.  :)

So, without further ado, check out some of my favorites from last week's party, which incidentally gave me plenty of eye candy while I was looking all of that red and navy this week!

Patch the Giraffe's X-ceptional quilt is so fresh and happy!

The colors in this Urban Sunrise quilt from Ida Rather Be Quilting is absolutely stunning, and the quilting is just as amazing.  There are some close-ups of it on her blog, so check it out if you missed it.

and Janet at Simply Pieced modified a cathedral window pincushion pattern to create this lovely little baby quilt!  The pops of pink are just perfect!

I hope you've been creating something in your sewing space that you absolutely adore!  Let's party!

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  1. Great quilts. I hope you haven't broken out into hives or anything LOL. You are a good friend.

  2. You are a very good friend. Thankfully Drama Teen asked me to make a school quilt for a teacher using the right school colors. It would be hard to make one with the other school colors. Both quilts look great. Hopefully you'll recover this next week.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Your "opposing" college team quilts turned out nicely. This sounds like the extreme rivalry us Iowa State Cyclones fans have with the U of Iowa Hawkeye fans. My son asked me to make a Hawkeye baby quilt for one of his friends. It was really hard to do. It was not the poor baby's fault (lol) that his parents follow the wrong team. I had scraps left over and made a lovey size quilt for one of my husband's coworkers.Now I only have Cyclone fabrics in my stash. Thanks for sharing your quilts.

  5. I love your quilt.....think of it as patriotic! :)- love the fabrics!

  6. Even if it was tough for you to make these pulled it off like a pro! They are outstanding! You are such a great friend! Thanks for the linky!

  7. I also love the patterns. These colors seem like they fit into the United States and maybe Great Brittan. I think making quilts are fun and I this is a Wonderful Pattern. You did a great job!

  8. I am laughing because I frequently make Texas A&M related items but I tell people my sewing machine just won't sew on anything burnt orange! Great job.

  9. I love your son's comments! Although it may have made you a little ill to make them, they turned out beautifully.

  10. Love the commuter train as well. Gorgeous quilt. Your passion shows in each quilt you do.

  11. Love the commuter train as well. Gorgeous quilt. Your passion shows in each quilt you do.

  12. Hotty toddy! That is one stunning quilt! 😄

  13. Oooh, I feel your pain, haha!!! Great quilts though and a lesson in how to put aside our differences and get on with each other to the youngun's!!!! At least you'll know they'll be really well loved :D

  14. Just found your blog. Love it! And I'm an LSU girl too! Class of '02...from NOLA originally but now in Houston! I made my mom an awesome strip-type LSU quilt a few years back...still one of my favorites I've ever made. I really like how you worked the college fabric into that quilt! I like the team fabric but it is sometimes too much if that is all you use.

  15. Stumbled across your Ole Miss quilt looking for ideas. Do you remember what size strips you used for the first quilt (the rail fence)?


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