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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ball and Jacks...and thanks!

I've said it before but it certainly bears repeating.  When I name my quilts and patterns, either the name immediately pops into my brain, or else I can't think of anything at all.  Very rarely does it happen that I think and think, and then come up with a name I really love.  In those circumstances, I usually just go with the name I've chosen, but don't really love it.

Well, that is exactly what happened with this quilt pattern when a reader commented on my last post and said that the shape reminded her of jacks.  As much as I liked some of the other suggestions,  none of them really grabbed me like Ball and Jacks did, and I think I have figured out why.

Most of the name suggestions called attention to only the white space, with words like snowball, cotton ball, etc. and I really wanted to call attention to the print in the pattern as well.  Other suggestions had to do with the fabric in the quilt with ideas like tropical, or coral reef.  I always find that naming a pattern is harder than naming a quilt, because I feel like I have to make sure the name will fit the quilt, even if someone else chooses to use completely different fabrics.  I also feel like a pattern name has to be catchy and easy to say, not to mention short enough put on a pattern cover.

I feel like the name Ball and Jacks pays homage to the shape of both the prints and white space, and it is a name that focuses only on the shape, rather than the fabrics I used.  Naming this one was really tough for me, and I am so glad I chose to ask you for suggestions!  Thank you to all who gave input!

On the back of the quilt, this tonal blue fabric by Jennifer Paganelli blends just perfectly with the blues in the Violette line, and since this pattern yields virtually zero scrap fabric, I chose to add a bold orange stripe to add a little interest to the backing.

The binding is a great shade of green Kona, and I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't take note of the name of it on the bolt.  It isn't a perfect match for the gorgeous shade of jade green in the quilt, but it frames the quilt really well anyway.

Just FYI, Needle and Thread Thursday is on as usual this evening, and I'll be including the giveaway winners in that post.  I just felt like the name business was a little too wordy to piggyback onto an NTT post though.  So,  I'll see you later, where I'll also be giving a peek at the fabric pull for my next project!


  1. It's a very unique quilt. I like how the white blocks vary in size!

  2. So happy my thought about jacks lead to a name for your quilt pattern!

  3. Perfect name for an eye-catching quilt! Congrats on the new pattern!

  4. Love this quilt, Kelly - it's one of those patterns that gives you more and more to see as you keep looking. :D Super cool fabrics, too. Thanks for linking up at TGIFF

  5. I love the name, and the quilt is very appealing. Take care, Mary.


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