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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

From Full to Empty and NTT

Welcome to Needle and Thread Thursday, friends.  It's been a monumental week around here.  We spent the last week doing all manner of fun family things with our son- a baseball game, go kart racing, laser tag, movie night, and all of his favorite dinners and desserts.  We crammed all of that in before moving him into the dorm on Monday.  We only have one child, so our house went from full to empty in one fell swoop.  I know he's ready, and I know that growing up and moving out is the normal course of life,  but right now it just feels weird.  I did manage to hold back my tears until our car ride home, so that's a small win.

I am happy to report that the quilt I made for his dorm, along with the National Park posters, really came together nicely.  The room is organized, and everything has a spot to make it easy to keep neat, and best of all, my son likes it too.

In case you missed this finish in May, here's a photo of the full quilt, called Southwest Scenery.  The five  National Park posters commemorate our favorite places visited during a month-long family vacation in the summer of 2021, and the colors in the quilt were specifically chosen to coordinate with them.  You can check out more pics of this quilt in my original post HERE.

I'm getting ready to start cutting my fabrics for my newest design, and I think getting my mind onto something else is just what I need right now.  

Last week's party had so much amazingness.  Take a look at the awesome colors in this quilt shared by Rebecca Grace Quilting-

This gorgeous quilt top is from Jan at The Colorful Fabriholic-

This sweet strawberry quilt is from Anne-Marie at Stories From the Sewing Room-

And this lovely quilt was linked up by JanineMarie at Quilts From the Little House-

Okay y'all, let's get our party started!

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  1. What a big change for everyone. I'm sure your son knows how much you love him, and the quilt (and all the care in other details you left as well) will be there when he needs the reminder. <3

  2. Oh my, what a wonderful dorm room! That gorgeous quilt will be just like a hug whenever he needs it. Peeked at the original post, and I just love the fact that it's essentially reversible.

  3. your son's dorm room looks great - hope he will enjoy his college experience and although it takes time you will get used to the new routine too

  4. Oh, Kelly -- sending you big Mama Bear hugs right now! I remember it feeling so "wrong" to leave our son in that dorm room for the first time and drive away without him, like we were ditching Hansel and Gretel in the forest and leaving them to die... Ridiculous but that's how it felt to ditch our 18-year-old "baby" in a strange place and then just drive away. Knowing he'd be sleeping under my handmade quilt made me feel better, and I know that the quilt you made for your son will wrap him in your love every night, too.

  5. Wow , congratulations on entering a new phase in life! It is a big step for everyone. Just think of all the potential in the person you've created! It is a very exciting and frightening time ! Enjoy it !

  6. His room looks great. I don't envy you having to leave your baby. I haven't experienced that stage yet since mine still lives at home and the other isn't old enough. Thanks for sharing my quilt.

  7. Awww All the feels - its such a change... but what a beautiful quilt you sent with him, and oh my - his room is SO organized... he is set up for success!!!

  8. The best feeling of all is when your son returns for the holidays and vacations. It is a new phase for all of you but I’m sure he knows the warmth and love of home and will be back!

  9. The quilt and NP posters looks so guy-ish and cool, Kelly! Love all the baskets and storage units. He's going to be the most organized guy around! He'll be back! Great job raising such a fine young man!!!

  10. Ahh. Those dorm room photos look so familiar, though not the nice framed posters and quilt. Our kids didn't have wall space in their dorm rooms because of stacked units - bed on top; desk below. Your pieces make it look like a lovely apartment. It's an exciting time for your son, and I know how you feel too. I remember walking past our daughter's bedroom, after she'd left for college, and thinking, "Oh! You're keeping your bedroom so neat and tidy now!" Ha, ha. Have fun engaging in your new project. It will be the perfect distraction.

  11. Good luck with the transition to an empty nest. And best wishes for your son. I hope he finds college challenging and rewarding.

  12. Love your son's dorm room and that quilt! How perfect is that!!! Hope the empty nest gets easier for you! I will be there before I know it.


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