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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

NTT- Taking the Good With the Boot

Welcome to Needle and Thread Thursday, friends!  This week has been one of highs and one big low.  As I mentioned in my last post, we did a closet overhaul in our bedroom and as promised, here are a couple of pictures of the finish.

I am in LOVE with the way it turned out, and it makes me so happy to see how beautifully organized everything is.  Just for reference, my closet is 7.5 feet wide, by 8 feet deep.

Unfortunately, my excitement was tempered by the fact that while walking in my neighborhood, I tripped on a fairly innocuous crack in the sidewalk and rolled my ankle, breaking my fibula and partially tearing the ligament in the process.  Womp, womp.

Silver linings are tough in this circumstance, but miraculously there are a few.  First, even though part of my fibula was sheared off completely and pulled away from the bone by the ligament, it has settled back into place and doesn't require surgery.  

Also, the walking boot is a marvelous thing.  Once you injure your ligaments/tendons/joints a few times, they are permanently weakened and are much easier to injure in the future, and this is where I am.  If you can believe it, this is my sixth (!!!) break in my ankles and feet (fourth on this foot), so I've had my share of casts and boots.  In fact, I even brought my boot to the doctor with me with the hope that they wouldn't cast me.  I joked that it was BYOB day at the ortho practice, ha!  A boot isn't exactly comfy, but it does make things like showering a lot easier.  So, yay for no cast.

And finally, you might have noticed that thankfully, this is my left foot and not my driving foot!  By driving, I mean my car AND my sewing machine.  I'll still be down for a while because I'm pretty swollen and bruised, so elevating and icing is happening as much as possible, but I really think I'll be back at it in a couple of weeks, even if it's just in small spurts.

Since I don't have any quilty news to share from my studio, take a look at some of the projects y'all shared last week.  You know how much I love green, and these blocks from Anorina at Samelia's Mum are so awesomely springy!

Anja Quilts linked up this cute quilt-

I love, love, love this quilt by Julie's Quilts and Costumes.  

And this triangle quilt by Sew Preeti Quilts is just fantastic (and don't miss the other quilt she shared in her post)!

Okie dokie, friends!  It's time to get our party started.  Let's link up.

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*If you're new to the party, here's a helpful tip for linking up- select "Auto Crop"  when selecting your thumbnail photo.  For some reason, trying to crop your own image results in the dreaded "white question mark box," and we definitely want to see your awesome work!  :)


  1. I hope it's not too painful, and hopefully it's not your "best" foot! Lovely closet ;)

  2. Oh no, I hope you heal up quickly! Your closet organization looks beautiful. :)

  3. Oh, Kelly -- I'm so sorry to hear that! I rolled my foot and heard a crunch early on in the pandemic when we were out walking the puppy in the neighborhood and I put my foot down wrong right as he pulled hard on the leash in an unexpected direction. It was painful for a good week at least, and was definitely not a break like you've experienced. I hope your healing is swift and thorough! And your closet looks AMAZING!

  4. Awesome closet makeover, Kelly!! The boot? Been there, done that. You have my sympathies.

  5. So sorry about your foot! I've heard that same story so many times. Good thing it won't deter driving and stitching. And set back in place--yay! Nice closet!!!

  6. Ugh! I’m so sorry about your ankle! Wishing you a speedy recovery. Your closet makeover is fabulous!


  7. Sorry to read about the ankle break. Your choice to concentrate on the silver linings is admirable! I hope you are soon able to sit comfortably at your sewing machine.

  8. Oh my - you do have terrible luck with your feet and ankles! Happy to hear about the silver linings and hope that you are able to heal quickly. Thanks for the eye candy.

  9. I love your perfect closet! Thanks for sharing and making me so jealous! I hope you are back to mobile again very soon. What bad luck, but you seem to be taking it in stride!

  10. Your closet redo is wonderful! I'm so sorry to hear about your fall and broken bones. Glad you have a boot and not a cast. I turned my ankle a few years ago and walked around on a broken fibula (just the very tip, by the ankle) for four months before finding out it was broken. Here's to quick healing for you!

  11. First off, your closet is AMAZING! I am drooling over the organizing perfection. Second, sorry about your foot, but like you said, it could be worse. Hope you heal quickly.

  12. Oh Wow Kelly! I hope you are on the mend already and back to sewing in no time. I am babying a sore tendon on the side of my knee but so far so good. I adore your closet!!!

  13. Oh, I'm sure sorry for you to have tripped and damaged your foot. I've never had a broken bone or any sort of injury (I'm 68 years old), so I can't imagine how you must manage it. As for "driving" your sewing machine... I ALWAYS use my left foot on the foot control. I learned years ago, and also teach it in my classes, that students should use their left foot on the control, especially if they have and use a right knee lift (called a "hands free system" by Bernina). To be ergonomically balanced, the right knee should raise the presser foot; the left foot should control the machine speed. Though I've encountered many skeptics, most students are surprised to discover how easy it is to switch to the left foot. Our feet are ambidextrous! I know you can't try it now, but I hope you do someday. In the meantime, heal quickly!

  14. Your closet really is gorgeous. At least with the limited movement you will have for a bit, you can find everything easily. It's always something, right!?? Thanks for keeping up on the blog party even as you've been dealt a curve ball. Hope you're on your feet again soon... and pain free.

  15. I ♥ your closet!!!! Sorry to hear about your injury. Take it easy.

  16. Ouch! Take care of that foot! Glad it was not your driving foot! I love your organized closet - always makes a difference@.

  17. Congrats on the closet and it's great you're able to look for the positives :o). Heal quickly!


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