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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Needle and Thread Thursday!

Hey there, friends!  I don't know about you, but springtime is when I love to take on the serious organizing and "freshening up" in my house (and outside for that matter).  This is the time of year when we do a ton of planting outside, clean out closets, etc.   Since moving into my house in fall 2019, we've been planning to do a closet overhaul in our main bedroom.  The closet is actually a pretty good size, but because my home was built in the 70's before closet systems were a thing, it only had a single bar running along each side of it.  There was so much wasted space!  All of that is changing this week and I am SO excited.  

The closet has been stripped bare and is being painted today, and yesterday a freight truck delivered a huge pallet with all of my closet pieces.  The next several days will be all about putting the components together and getting them mounted in the right spots.  I'll be sure to include a photo of the finish when everything is all done.  All of that is to say that I haven't spent a single second at my machine since finishing the secret project I teased last week.  You know me- I'm a one project at a time girl... in all things, and the closet is it this week.  ;)

So, take a look at some of the amazing projects linked up last week.  Kris at Sew Sunshine showed off this fun quilt (you know I love some scrappy improv!)-

Sally at Crafts, Cavies, and Cooking shared her progress on this colorful quilt-

This creative denim quilt is by Tubakk at den syende himmel (her blog is written in English too!)

I am in LOVE with this quilt by Sandra at mmm quilts. That quilting!!!

This low volume lovely is by Linda at kokaquilts-

And finally, Jayne at Twiggy and Opal showed off this unique, modern quilt.  That quilting adds so much to the interesting piecing!

Well there you have it, y'all.  You're sure keeping me inspired when I can't make it to my machine!  Let's see what you've got this week.

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  1. Yay for cleaning out cupboards and a new wardrobe.
    I spent the morning re-organising my linen cupboard and am glad to have gotten rid of a heap of old sheets & towels which I'll donate to the RSPCA.

  2. Best of luck with your new closet system install, Kelly!!

  3. Sounds like your new closet system will be amazing!


  4. It's been a weeding festival here! It's amazing how a little warm weather makes the weeds grow! I've always dreamt of a closet are so lucky!

  5. Our house had similar closets, and we recently redid our bedroom one. It makes so much difference; you are going to love it! Enjoy!

  6. Ah, reading about your closet makes me long for the ones we had in each of our past two houses. We will eventually get there in this one. At least as of this week I now have in my studio a 4x4-cube IKEA storage thing newly painted white (thanks to my darling husband) and all filled with fabric! Thank you for the feature; I'm glad I finally got to share that baby! :-)

  7. I agree- the quilting in Sandra's!! Enjoy the closet re-do! Sounds like a good time!

  8. I wish it were springtime -- we're having a snow storm right now. I'm going to have to spring clean inside soon as I'll be having some painting done. Good luck with the closet.

  9. You are always so busy I don't know how you do it all. Thank you for posting my scrappy crazy memories piece! Hope the closet is all you dream it to be!

  10. Hope your closet redo goes well, enjoy! And thanks for including my quilt this week in your lineup!


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