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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Daybreak in the Woods

Hooray!  After some marathon quilting last night and binding this morning, I have finished the camouflage and orange quilt and it is all ready to be shipped out to its new home.  Since this quilt is for a hunter, I decided to name it Daybreak in the Woods.

This quilt really was not my cup of tea, but I guess it would be unreasonable to expect that a teenage boy/hunter and I would share the same style.  I hope it's just right for him!

I went with wide stripes on the backing, with a large stripe of camo fabric at the top so that it will be very visible when turned down on the bed.  This quilt is a large queen size (about 85" x 100"), so it was a monster to quilt.  It took some serious muscles to stipple this on my Bernina!

I felt like this quilt was so dark that it needed a bright binding, and I think the orange really does the trick.

One thing I do like about this quilt is the depth that the various shades of orange and green create.  I really wanted the entire quilt to take on a pixelated camouflage look, and I think it works.

This one is getting shipped off this afternoon, and I am so glad it is finished.  I am ready to work on something girly!


  1. I love this quilt! Maybe because we are a hunting/outdoorsy family. Your color combinations are just perfect!

  2. I think the recipient is going to love it. It definitely has a camouflage vibe to it and I love the orange binding.

  3. Great quilt for a boy. Definitely masculine. I know how you feel about quilting it. I do all mine on my domestic Janome and sometimes its definitely a workout xx

  4. It looks good! The orange binding is perfect. Any more camp quilts on the horizon ;)

  5. Great work and I'm proud that you tackled such a big quilt on your Bernina. I've done many that size too. it's not easy, but doable. He will love his new quilt.!

  6. It's a really nice finish even if it wasn't your cup of tea. I know it can be really hard to motivate for things that we don't feel inspired by. I have one of those that's been lurking for some time with no progress at all.


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