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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Camo and Hot Pink, and NTT

Welcome to another NTT, friends!  I've been working on a commission quilt for the last few days that is waaaaayyyy out of my comfort zone.  The recipient is a teenage girl who loves the outdoors and wants a camouflage and hot pink quilt for her (queen sized!) bed.  Yep.  Like I said, way out of my comfort zone.

She and her mom scoped out my other quilts and specifically asked for my Courtyard Tiles pattern.  I'm a little unsure of the juxtaposition of two such different styles, but we'll see how it goes.  I'm still playing around with the layout of the blocks, and crossing my fingers that she likes it.  Next week is Spring Break, so I'll hopefully be able to knock this one out and get it shipped off!

So, let's hop right into the highlights from last week's party!

Dee's Doodles shared these pretty grannies that make me wish for spring-

Patch the Giraffe showed off not one, but TWO sweet little quilts.

and Tanya Quilts in CO linked her rainbow curved log cabin top.

Let's party, friends!

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  1. I really like the pink-and-camouflage WIP and can't wait to see how it turns out. Maybe your friend would let you get a picture of it once it's done and residing on her bed, too?! I'd like to see how the rest of a pink-and-camouflage room is decorated!

  2. It may not be your usual, but it is looking super cute!

  3. Your camo quilt is looking really nice. I have started doing some quilts for commission for some folks, do you mind me asking how you figure up pricing? It is a really hard thing to decide how to do. I feel like supplies cost so much, then I always feel guilty charging for my time. I know that is a horrible way to do it, so if you don't mind me picking your brain, I am just wondering if there is some sort of system I could go off of.

  4. I think the hot pink and camouflage is going to turn out AWESOME!

  5. Pink & camo isn't exactly my cup of tea either, but I think you're doing a great job considering.
    Thank for the party!

  6. That pink and camo combination is so great!

  7. I'm sure she will love this! Classic colour combo, with a "camo" twist. :-)

  8. Well, it's certainly different, but it's turning out wonderfully I think. :)

  9. It's looking great! I think it was a great pattern choice.

  10.'s turning out great! I would run from anything camouflage! Even the spelling isn't right!! I think you picked the perfect design and it really will be amazing...especially to the teenage girl!!

  11. This color palette is way out of my comfort zone too, but I think it's coming together beautifully! Can't wait to see the finished project!

  12. When I saw the pic of the camo top through my bloglovin feed, I said, "Ooh!!" It's going to be one spectacular quilt--keep going!

  13. Very different, and it is going to be fabulous!



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