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Saturday, January 3, 2015


I've been working like mad to finish up my Chapel Glass quilt pattern before I head back to school on Monday.  Checking and rechecking math, diagrams, fabric yardage, and the text for typos, etc. takes lots of time, and my wonderful husband let me be in my own little world with my computer today so that I could get it all done.

I rendered a computer drawing of the pattern with a dark background and bright fabrics, just for a different perspective, and I must admit that it intrigues me.  I might just have to make another one!

This quilt is fat quarter friendly, and the large (17 inch blocks) are pretty quick to put together!  I hope you'll check it out in my Craftsy and Etsy shops.  Now that this is finished, I'm planning on spending my very last day of Winter Break relaxing!


  1. This is a lovely quilt! Great pattern to show off some of those gorgeous larger scale modern prints.

  2. That is a very unusual quilt, Kelly. It's difficult to choose a favorite colorway because they are both lovely. I think I'd choose the softer prints, but those bolds are pretty awesome!

    1. Thanks Mary! I had fun with the softer prints, but the bold ones look like so much fun that I think I might make one!

      :) Kelly

  3. Wow, the brights are really popping! Think i'd have to make both of them.

  4. I love it!!! A FQ bundle would look great with this pattern!!

  5. a lovely quilt but too many straight lines for me to handle

  6. The dark background with the bright bold colors, awesome! Hmm, that might be a wonderful gift for someone I know in our church.

  7. Your version of the dark just gave me an idea to use up some fabric I've had forever that I had no clue what to do with! On my list this one goes too! :)


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