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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bricks and Mortar

Memory Quilt number two is finished!  Just for the record, that's only half as many as I actually have to make.  To get the whole story of these (eventually) four memory quilts, check out my previous posts hereherehere, and here.  This quilt needs a manly name to go with the manly fabrics and feel, so I'm calling it Bricks and Mortar, and I think it fits perfectly.

When I compare this quilt to the Western Kaleidoscope, I've noticed how even though the same fabrics were used in both quilts, the feel is completely different.  I think this one has more of a "cars and tools" or "mechanic" vibe, rather than western.  Maybe it's because the other one had so much more tan and this one has more gray.

Now that I really think about it, plaids are remarkable that way, in that they can take on several different moods- western, cars/tools, campy, nautical, preppy.  There might be more, but none are popping into my head right now, and I'm pretty sure I'm way over thinking this anyway.

I backed this with Kona Iron, and added a chambray stripe through the middle, just to break it up.  The binding is Kona Rich Red, which I'll probably do on all four memory quilts, just to give a little continuity between all of them.

As much as my eyes are tired of looking at the manly plaids, I am extremely pleased with how my stippling came out on this one.  I've really been working on more even spacing, and though it isn't perfect, I'm continually improving.  Also- not a single, solitary pucker on the back.  woo hoo!!  :)

I'm all done with plaids for awhile!  My sewing cabinet is getting a makeover this week, then I get to dive into the delicious Marmalade bundle that just came in the mail yesterday.  I swear, I was so giddy when I opened it that my husband thought I had cracked.

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  1. What a fantastically masculine quilt! The red binding made it wonderful. I am visiting from the Let's Get Acquainted link-up!

  2. Kelly, I just read through your story with these quilts. They are incredibly special and your dad and uncles will definitely treasure these quilts. I love how they are all different. Beautiful work and such a great tribute! So glad that I found your blog through Let's Get Acquainted Monday!

  3. It's very manly and very lovely, and your name for it is perfect. Thanks for linking up :)

  4. Beautiful quilt, you did a fantastic job with the fabric you had at hand. I just voted for your quilt at the Quilting Gallery.

  5. Congratulations on another great finish! You are right about the "morpability" of this type of fabric. It is all about what you do with them and pair them up with!

  6. What a great way to use the plaids! Your quilting turned out very well.

  7. What special quilts. They will be loved for sure!!

  8. Perfect! I love the stippling, well done :) And good choice with the red binding, I like that red.
    I know what you mean when you get your hands on new fabric, yum!!

  9. I love the grey sashing for these big bricks! It works so perfect!

  10. This really turned out great! Yes, very masculine, and warm and cheerful, too. Great idea.

  11. Your stippling looks great, Kelly. And I love the name, very manly indeed. Can't wait to see what you do with the Marmalade. I've got some of that saved up too!

  12. Another great finish that will be cherished for years to come. I think this features the various shirt fabrics beautifully. Thanks again for the inspiration!

  13. Another wonderful quilt and a great use of plaids, it is amazing how different this i from your first one! Beautiful stippling and have fun with Marmalade!

    Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  14. So pretty! I love quilts too, but have not attempted a big one yet. I'm making a rag quilt for a friend, but that seems easy to me compared with what you do. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Gina, I'm responding here since you are a no-reply blogger and I'll just hope you get it!

      I guess it's all a matter of perspective! I've never made a rag quilt, so this seems easier to me! Good luck with your project! :)


  15. These plaid quilts are coming out sooo wonderful!!

    I think I would be ready for some girly fabric too after all that though;)

  16. What a great idea! And I just happen to have LOTS of those man prints in my stash. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I love this one every bit as much as I love Western Kaleidoscope, but they are both very different. What a wonderful way to preserve the memory of a special person. Beautifully done! And thank you for linking up!

    xo -E

  18. I just love your plaid quilts.


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