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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Memory Quilt #2

Last night I worked into the wee hours of the morning to finish the top for the second memory quilt.  I was inspired by the Colorbrick quilt at Stitched in Color, but I had to adjust the measurements to maximize the oddly shaped shirt fabric.

I'm planning to baste it today (the bane of my quilty existence) and start quilting on it this evening or tomorrow after church.  

I'm not as enamored with this quilt as I was with the first memory quilt, the Western Kaleidoscope, (although it is growing on me) and I've been looking at it trying to figure out why.  I think it's because overall, it's a much darker quilt.   The kaleidoscope had the tan background, and was just more interesting to look at in general.  This definitely has everything to do with the fabrics though, and not the pattern.

After this, I still have two more of these memory quilts to complete, but as I mentioned in my initial post about this topic, I only took 12 shirts to begin.  Since those shirts actually made two quilts (I only expected them to make one), I feel like I'm ahead of the game.  Thankfully, I won't be able to get more shirts until I go back to Baton Rouge, and that will be at the end of July.  Although I feel a little bit guilty for saying this because I know these are special quilts, I am tired of looking at manly plaids.

One thing's for sure- I'm expecting a fat eighth bundle of Marmalade fabric by Bonnie and Camille in the mail today and I am certainly ready to get back to some girly, summery, fun fabrics!


  1. I think it's beautiful! I have a soft spot for shirt quilts and both this one and Western Kaleidoscope are really nice. I'm sorry your grandpa is dealing with Alzheimer's, but what a wonderful gift to his children you are providing in these quilts from his shirts. What I like about this one is that the brightness of the plaids really pops through. You distributed the reds and blues and tans so well, they are nice places for the eyes to rest.

  2. Oh I like it! Once you've got it quilted and bound, you'll fall in love with it I'm sure. What size are those bricks?

  3. Another amazing plaids quilt!!! That was very clever use of the gray, it looks like mortar (or grout?). By the time you get the rest of the shirts you'll be all revved up to tackle 2 more quilts.
    I feel the same way about basting quilts. Do you spray baste? Or pin?
    I found the right page and voted for your kaleidoscope quilt, yay! Good luck Kelly!

  4. It looks just awesome.

  5. Do you accept special orders? I would love for someone to make a quilt with my son's old blue jeans. 8 years ago my son passed away. He was 20 years old. I kept all of his old clothes in hopes that I would some day be able to do something special. I would love someone to make a quilt or 2.... Jodi

    1. I'm so sorry Jodi, but I don't take orders. I am a teacher and make quilts as a hobby. I do occasionally sell the quilts I make, but since I don't have time to make this a full business, I don't take orders. I think a quilt to commemorate your son would be very special. If you look on etsy, you should be able to find someone to help you.

      :) Kelly


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