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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Parade of Trees and NTT

Welcome to Needle and Thread Thursday, friends!  I hope all of you in the States had a great Thanksgiving last week.  Ours was quiet, but really wonderful.  After we recovered from our turkey-coma, we finished the decorating both inside and outside the house.  Instead of sewing progress this week (which has been nonexistent), I'm happy to share my four Christmas trees with you!

We just moved into this house last November (in 2019), and because we were still in the process of getting settled when Christmastime came, I decided to only put up our main tree, and no other home decorations.  So this year, it was quite a task to figure out where everything was going to go in a new house.

My main tree is by far my favorite, but it takes the longest to decorate.  I cram as many things onto the branches as I possibly can, and lots of the ornaments are glass and sparkly, which gives the tree an icy effect (it's more pronounced at night).

I couldn't get the bow at the top to photograph properly because the daylight and room light were competing and making the bow look way too yellow, but with the room light turned off, the ornaments got lost in the sunlight.  This one shows the true color much better.

Our second tree is a must for any die-hard LSU fan.  I'm a Baton Rouge girl born and raised, so win or lose, I always love my Tigers.  And because football is in full swing well before Christmas, this one is usually the first tree to go up.  

My third tree is a mid-century modern silver aluminum tree, all decked out with peppermint ornaments and ribbon.  This tree is about sixty years old, and I was super lucky to find it in such pristine condition.  Because the branches are real metal, it isn't safe to string lights in the tree, so I chose a spot next to a window with plenty of sunlight, and it is also illuminated with a spotlight underneath.  I do actually have the original color wheel as well, but it gets extremely hot and is very noisy, so we don't use it.

My fourth and final tree is a new addition this year.  My mother-in-law loved Christmas as much as I do and had amassed quite the Christmas collection herself.  When she passed, I inherited as much of it as I could take.  She loved Santas specifically, and even had a small collection that she kept out year-round.  So I made a Santa tree containing all of her Santa ornaments, as well as some of my own.  I chose a flocked tree with colored lights and tartan plaid ribbon to keep this one looking a little old-fashioned, and because it is in a tight corner, a pencil-shaped tree works beautifully.

Now that the decorating is all finished, I just have one little gift to finish sewing, and my Christmas to-do list will be done. Then it'll be Hallmark movies (yes, I'm a sucker for cheesy storylines), gift wrapping, holiday baking, and enjoying the season at a relaxed pace.  After all, Christmas Eve is only three weeks away!

It's been a little bit since we've partied, but I definitely want to share some of the great projects that were linked up the last time.  Check out this pretty quilt by Leanne at Devoted Quilter-

Frederique at Quilting Patchwork Applique linked up this clever beauty-

The colors in this quilt by Julie's Quilts and Costumes look so warm and cozy!

And finally, I love the crisp, clean look of this finish by Anja Quilts-

Let's get our party on, friends!

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  1. Ohhhhh...that silver tinsel tree has me smiling! I have one too, in a box. It's about the same age and has those poms as well. I just love love love those trees! I put mine out three years ago and hung my beautiful (and expensive) Radko ornaments on it...only to have the dog's tail destroy one that I got at Bloomingdale's. My fault I guess...but I haven't made that mistake again, which is why my tinsel tree is still in the box this year. Anyway, your trees are soooooo beautiful, truly gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Pretty trees!
    Thank you for featuring my Huahine quilt ;)

  3. I have my family's original silver foil tree from back when I was a little girl!! My mom just always decorated it with blue balls and the colorwheel (of course) which I still have. I used to put up 4-5 trees but don't put up any anymore since it's just me and I really don't like Christmas anymore.

  4. Amazing collection of trees!
    Thanks for featuring my Alaska quilt.

  5. You are making me look bad!! I force myself to put up one tree. You are dedicated, but it's so worth it all. Each and every tree is beautiful. You have such wonderful memories associated with each tree...just gorgeous!

  6. Your trees are all lovely and so meaningful too. Enjoy the holidays in your new home.

  7. Such beautiful trees, I could not pick a favorite but then you’re not supposed to, right? You have a talent for decorating trees as well as quilting.

  8. Your trees are so festive! I especially like the huge bow at the top of your main tree. Decorating up at the top is always a problem for us! Merry Christmas! (I'm going to watch some of those Christmas movies too....)

  9. I want to live with those trees!!! So gorgeous to see

  10. Your trees are GRAND ! Thanks for their stories and for showing us. I don't do indoor decorating as no one comes to my house but I do put a few lights on the bushes..... must get to that before it is the New Year. Again thank you.

  11. Love all the work you put into the trees! Gorgeous! Just ran the vac to pick up all the "glitter" after trimming the tree. The grands put up the village - then went to their room and brought out all the cars and trucks - after all those people need their cars to go shopping - Not the look I imagined but I love it even more. Love those quilts you shared - I would love them under my tree! Thanks for sharing

  12. Wow I'm impressed by your amazing trees! We only have one and it is not half beautiful as yours!

  13. FOUR trees!! Wow, you sure have energy to decorate all of them, and so well too! Your house reminds me of the ones in Hallmark movies. :-)

  14. Your trees are beautiful. But four trees??? Wow. I, too, love the Hallmark movies. They are great to watch while sewing because you don't have to pay too much attention. Thanks again for the shout out.

  15. Wow. Four trees! So much work to put them all up, but certainly every one is gorgeous. Since it's just my hubs and me each Christmas, we don't put up any tree, and haven't for a dozen years or more. Having always had only live trees, it would be a big investment to start anew. So I'll admire yours and other's craze for Christmas trees. Enjoy!


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