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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

NTT (Just a Little Late)

Happy Needle and Thread Thursday, friends!  Today, my hubby had surgery on his (dominant) hand, and though I thought we would be home and settled by the afternoon in enough time to get my weekly party post out, the surgery center had other plans for us.  He is doing okay, and currently sleeping off the remnants of the anesthesia.  This week has been all about gift wrapping, Hallmark movies, and a little more Christmas sewing.

For the past few months, I have really loved using the cloth napkins I made this summer, and I decided that I deserved a special Christmas set.  (ps- my ceramic tree was made by my grandmother in 1970 and is signed and dated by her!  It's one of my most treasured Christmas pieces).

These napkins are made just like the last ones.  The 18" print squares were paired with unbleached muslin squares (also 18") and sewn right-sides together around the edge, leaving a space for turning out.  Then, the corners were clipped to reduce bulk, they were turned out and pressed, and topstitched to finish.  Super easy!

I collected these eight fabrics with a woodsy feel and made two napkins from each half yard.  I'm keeping a set of eight for myself, and the other set will be a gift for a friend.  Eight napkins really isn't very many for everyday use throughout the holiday season, but I'm planning to add to them each year until I have enough.  These will be the perfect reason to buy cute fabrics here and there (as if I really need one, ha!).

From the looks of last week's party, y'all are busy sewing away!  Take a look at this snowflake quilt by Lori at Crossquilt-

This fun piece is by Jayne at Twiggy and Opal-

This little deer by Anne-Marie at Stories From the Sewing Room is so sweet!

Joyce at HeARTS Creations linked up this modern finish-

And Barb at Mountain Quiltworks shared this festive quilt (image and link from IG)-

Okay friends!  Better late than never.  Let's get this party started!  

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  1. Love the Christmas santa made by your grandmother!!! I hope your DH recovers quickly.

  2. Oh, I have a ceramic Christmas tree too! Actually, two of them! One is white and the other is green. I picked them up at an auction for $5 each, about 20 years ago! ha! What's old is always new again! That little reindeer pillow is adorable!

  3. Love the napkins especially the idea of muslin backs, even my wee ones under age 7 like the fabric napkins and have their own napkin rings. Everyone has been so busy! So many beautiful quilts! Every time I see the Snowflake quilt I think I NEED TO MAKE THIS soon as I finish (insert list...) Thanks for sharing these.

  4. Love the napkins. I have a ceramic tree too. It belonged to my grandma before me, but I have no idea who painted it. It's cool that yours is signed. Thanks for featuring my reindeer pillow! :)

  5. Wishing for a speedy recovery for your husband. I have a similar tree. I don't bring it out any more because I'm afraid it might get damaged.

  6. Gosh, Kelly -- you've been busy! Glad your husband is home safe and sound and I hope he has a swift and thorough recovery. Your grandmother's ceramic tree is priceless!

  7. I love these holiday napkins as much as I loved the last set. Nice work!


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