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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Jackhammering...and NTT

Well friends, I wish I could tell you that all of the lightning strike hullabaloo was finished, but the hits just keep on coming.  Many, many more things were damaged by the strike than we initially realized, the most severe of which was the main water line in our concrete slab.  Did you know that in many older homes, the grounding wire was actually tied to the (highly conductive copper) plumbing line?  Smart, right?  Yeah...

I had absolutely no idea that a lightning strike could cause a pipe leak in the slab of my home until I saw water seeping up from my baseboards and tile and did a little research.  So here I sit, watching and listening to someone take a jackhammer to my kitchen floor to find and repair it.  I just keep reminding myself to be grateful for the fact that we are all okay...and thank the Lord for insurance!

Clearly, I am back in business with internet, so I am happy to *finally* get to reveal my Stacked Squares quilt.  I am calling this one Secret Lagoon.  The colors are so peaceful and soothing, which I really need these days, ha!

I used all of the scraps on the back, along with some green ombre Moda Marble fabric, as well as the softest shade of blue Kona.  It's hard to see, but I quilted this one in variegated green thread, which adds a lot of dimension to the quilt, and the lighter shade of navy in the binding is a perfect frame to finish this one off!

This quilt was made with a free Moda Bakeshop tutorial, found HERE, but instead of using precuts, I modified the pattern to use fat quarters or quarter yards.  Since several of you have asked, I'll go ahead and include my quarter yard and fat quarter cutting diagrams for you again-

I am working on another little quilt with the smaller scraps from this one, and it is almost finished.  Things just need to calm down a little bit so I can get it done!

With all of the crazy in my world right now, I almost forgot the highlights from the party tow weeks ago.  How could I do that??  This quilt by Sew Preeti is a beauty!

This Plus Plus by New Creative Side is lots of fun!

and even though the 4th of July has passed, this one by Pretty in the Port Quilts is fresh and summery!

Okay friends!  Since it's been two whole weeks since we last partied, I just know there is going to be so much awesomeness linked up this week;  I can't wait to see.  Be sure to link up more than one project if you need to!

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  1. Oh dear. There is just no feeling like watching water seep into your home where it doesn't belong. Hope things are righted quickly. Meanwhile, your Secret Lagoon was worth waiting for, it's beautiful.

  2. sorry to hear of your bad news on your house - so glad there is insurance!

  3. Oh my. It's amazing the bizarre damage lightning strikes can do. I hope you don't discover anything more and that your fix goes smoothly and quickly. I'm glad to see you're back on the internet again. And that quilt is just so soothing to look at. I love the shot of it in the tree. I hope Secret Lagoon was a name you picked before the pipe leak--or is it a reference??

  4. I love the Moda Marble fabric. The colors are so serene! Good Luck on the repairs, hope they are done quickly.

  5. Hope they finish the jack hammering very soon. It's amazing how much damage and hassle can be created by just one storm. Secret Lagoon looks great, love the colors and fabrics.

  6. Oh, man ... so sorry that happened to you. We had a slab leak once and were extremely lucky that it was in the laundry room. They had to come jackhammer up my washroom, and it was horrible. I was just so thankful that it wasn't in the middle of my livingroom. Hope it ends soon and nothing else is wrong.

  7. Another beauty Kelly! So sorry to hear about the water issues. Thank goodness for insurance.

  8. Oh dear. So sorry about your ordeal! And yes, thank goodness for insurance! Your quilt is gorgeous. Secret Lagoon is the perfect name for all those beautiful, soothing greens and blues!

  9. sorry to hear about the leaking pipes - hope insurance covers costs.
    Lovely quilt and quilting as always ^^

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about your lightening!! Sounds pretty scary as well as damaging! Good to have you back anyway. Your quilt is beautiful, I do love your colour tastes! :)

  11. Love that green quilt!! Interesting how they all stack up! 'Tis The Season' of severe storms in Tennessee! We had so much lightning and thunder last night! I hope you get your pipes fixed. It's one thing when you are remodeling, quite another when mother nature forces you!

  12. My background is in civil engineering, and having lived in an old house during university, nothing you say surprises me! I remember looking at my outlets and wondering how no one ever died by electrocution due to the copper ground wire grounded TO THE BASEBOARDS!
    This too shall pass... Hopefully soon.

  13. Love it. Your stacked squares was so worth the wait. Hope everything gets fixed and quickly. Thank you for featuring my quilt (blush)

  14. I'm so sorry about the damage you have had to repair due to the lightening. It must have been awful listening to that sound. Your Secret lagoon quilt is stunning. I adore the colors you chose. Thank you for sharing the cutting instructions for fat quarters. I may have to try this quilt after seeing your creation.

  15. Rar! I'm glad things are getting back to normal! I love that MBS tutorial - you did it justice!

  16. Bummer! That sounds like a lot of disruption :( I love your quilt - a great name too. Hopefully the lovely finish will make up for some of the stress. Thanks for sharing some other great quilts from the last couple of weeks too.

  17. I've been following your blog for inspiration for a while! Thank you so much for adding my quilt to your NTT post­čśä Hope your home is repaired quickly so you can enjoy summertime!

  18. Wow, I never knew lightning could cause a water problem! So sorry you're dealing with that. Your quilt is gorgeous, love the colors!!

  19. I certainly hope your home and life come back to a good balance soon. I love the ripple's quilt, it is quite fun!


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