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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Strawberry Season

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!  The hubs and I did our date night last night while our wild thing was at a karate party, so we've all just been taking it easy today.  I finished up the quilt for my mother in law, and as a nod to the cute little strawberries in the fabric, I'm calling this one Strawberry Season.  It measures 60" square, and will look great on her sofa.

The pattern in this one is so simple, just a nine patch variation, but really fits the feel of the fabrics.  I used almost all of the prints in the Strawberry Fields line, and because I got a full FQ bundle, there was enough to make this quilt completely reversible.

My MIL and I talked about it, and we both liked the variation of color in the full collection, rather than just choosing a couple of color ways.  For this throw sized quilt, I planned to only order a fat eighth bundle because there are so many prints.  As I was shopping though, I ended up finding a full fat quarter bundle for only $10 more.  At that price, it would have just been silly to only buy fat eighths (that's my story, anyway)!  I ended up using 36 out of the 40 prints in the line, opting to pull out the solid ivory fabric, as well as a few pinks.  Pulling out the pinks kept the quilt from being too soft, which is a good thing since it will be used a living room.

One of my favorite things about this quilt is the sketchy red binding, mostly because of my success with finding just the right red.  The shade of red in this collection is pretty unique.  The color is not very saturated, almost a pink-ish, coral-ish red, which gives it a little bit of a vintage quality.  As it turns out, I had this fabric in my cabinet, and it is just perfect!

I actually finished this one on Friday, but since I posted my February Fabric Deals on Friday, I didn't want to over-post.  By the way, if you missed that post, it has FOUR amazing giveaways (three awesome fabric bundles, and a $100 gift certificate!), so definitely hop over and enter if you haven't already.

Since finishing Strawberry Season, I've been experiencing a little bit of deja vu.  A few weeks ago, when I posted my finished Gemstones quilt on my personal Facebook page, my friend saw it and immediately wanted it for her daughter.  As that quilt was already spoken for, I told her I would make another one with the same pattern and fabrics.  So right now, I'm in the middle of getting that one done with a pillow to match.  And without a doubt, this one WILL have a berry binding!


  1. Congrats on the beautiful finish!

  2. This is a gorgeous quilt - both sides are wonderful.

  3. Is there a pattern for this quilt? I know you said it was a variation on the nine patch but any tips for making the blocks?

    1. Hi Justine! There isn't a pattern that I know of. I just kind of sketched this one out and did it. The blocks are 10 inches. I cut-
      (4) squares, 4.5" (finish at 4")
      (4) strips, 2.5" x 4.5" (finish at 2" x 4")
      (1) 2.5" square (finish at 2")

      I just laid out the blocks like a nine patch, with the strips between the 4 inch blocks, and the 2.5" square in the center, and sewed it together in three rows, like a nine patch. Hope this helps!

      :) Kelly

  4. I'm sure your mother will LOVE it! Nice use of the leftovers for the back, too.

  5. This is so lovely!! I love the soft colors and how this quilt is springy at the same time! Great pattern choice too!!!

  6. You have such a great, bold style in your quilts… and it works even with these softer colors!
    I have a construction question for you: in this quilt, many of your seams meet. Are the seams pressed open? Do you nest the seams by pressing one set to one side and one to the other? If you nest them, do you determine your layout before you press? (I know, that was more than one question!)
    Thanks for all the great quilts that you share! Your great productivity is inspiring to me!

  7. It is so soft and feminine looking, perfect pattern for those fabrics too!

  8. Strawberry Season is just lovely - so fresh, so pretty, so huggable - I love, love, love this quilt! Congratulatuions on a beautiful finish!

  9. I love the softness of the color choices. Very nice.

  10. Just lovely - and such a bonus that it is fully reversible!


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