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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Seeing Double

As I mentioned in my last post, when I finished my Gemstones quilt a few weeks ago, my friend saw it and wanted it for her daughter.  Since that one was already promised to someone, she asked if I would make another one- same pattern and fabrics, but with one difference.  My friend wanted this one to be bigger- 70 inches square, instead of 60 inches, and with an 18 inch pillow to match.

I don't usually like to make exact duplicates of quilts, especially not so close together, but with fabrics this gorgeous, I zoomed right through it.  The biggest difference that you may notice, is that the Baubles in this quilt are arranged horizontally, rather than the vertical ones in the Gemstones quilt.  This quilt is bigger, so I didn't have as much wiggle room in my fabric cutting, and since some of these Flora prints are directional (see those two-toned, graphic flowers), that pretty much decided the layout for me.  Vertical or horizontal, I still really love the curvy (but not actually curve-pieced) Baubles shape.

The added throw pillow, and increased size yielded fewer scraps, but I managed to put together a nice strip that is just enough to break up the navy and gray on the back.  And, I know you've already noticed- why yes!  that IS a berry binding on this quilt!  

What does it say for me that, after my binding conundrum on the Gemstones quilt, that I looked forward to the binding on this one the whole time I was making it?  I know, I know.  It says I am way to neurotic for my own good.  (I was right though.  That sketch berry really looks awesome on there!)

The quilt is going to be folded along the foot of a twin size bed, with a solid coverlet underneath, so the 70 inch size will be perfect.  With a quilt this colorful, I wanted to be sure that the pillow wasn't too overwhelming, so the scraps are bordered by a creamy white.  The white in the Flora line isn't actually bright white, and as luck would have it, the creamy solid fabric that I pulled out of the Strawberry Fields collection when I made my mother in law's quilt was just perfect.  

I used every bit of my berry fabric in binding the quilt, so I decided to bind the pillow in navy, which ties in with the accent color on the quilt backing really well.

This golden yellow fabric on the back of the pillow is a perfect match for the warm yellow in the quilt.  I just realized that you can barely see some yellow in the quilt on the bottom of the picture.  Unfortunately, I bought this yellow fabric awhile ago, and I've already used some of it, so the selvage was already cut off and I have no idea what it is (if you know, please tell me!).  I had a little strip of the Camelot orange scallop leftover from binding the Gemstones quilt, and it was just begging to be added to this pillow!  I just have to get the pillow form, and then these will be off to their new home!  

I have to smile when I think about the 7 year old girl who will be receiving this quilt.  Last summer, her mother actually fell in love with the Pop Star quilt, and bought it for herself since she is so cold-natured.  She told me that her younger daughter has been sneaking past her every single night to "steal" that quilt (or tries to) right when she knows she is about to go to bed.  According to my friend, when found out, her daughter begs to keep it, and says that she loves it so much, "because it just feeeels sooooo good, Mom!"  Hopefully now, they'll both get to be warm and snuggly!


  1. Lovely quilt, and even lovelier that it is destined to belong to someone who will love it.

  2. Good Morning Kelly, this quilt is goreous. I love the curve and the fabric. I would have never been able to match those fabrics together and what a mistake that would be . . . the are amazing together. When you said you zoomed through this I almost had to catch a second breath . . . this quilt looks like it would be extremely difficult to piece. It really fits the new BoHo designs that are sweeping the globe right now. I love it!!!
    Happy Sewing.
    Connie :)

  3. Awww, this is so heartwarming. :) That berry binding - swoon!!

  4. Hi Kelly!
    great work!!

  5. Love the quilt & pillow cover. Those curves looks great, someday I hope to get the guts to try some curved sewing myself!

  6. This is great. I just purchased the QCR from sew kind of wonderful to try some curved piecing. How do you get so much done week to week? Amazing.

    1. Thank you so much! I really do love designing patterns that look curved, but actually aren't. I have thought long and hard about purchasing that ruler myself, but just haven't pulled the trigger. Funny you should ask about the amount I accomplished this week. I actually talked about it in my NTT post today!

      :) Kelly

  7. This little girl is going to be so lucky. x

  8. I love the story about daughter stealing the quilt. A beautiful finish. It will be much appreciated. (You'll have to find out if the Mom is tempted to steal this one, I certainly would be).


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