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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Quilt of Valor

I'm so excited that I get to share a quilt finish that has been months in the making, and has involved the efforts of several awesome ladies.

The members of my quilt guild (the Memphis Area Modern Quilt Guild) decided to channel our charitable quilting efforts into a couple of different areas this year.  One was that we made the decision to work together to make a Quilt of Valor, and I could not be prouder of the end result.

We are a very new guild, and very small (around ten members- but trying to grow!), but though we are few, we are very dedicated modern quilters.  We have wide variety of experience levels, and our guild members include several other bloggers that you probably know as well- Janet from Simply Pieced, Katelyn from Sing While Crafting, and Lori from Crossquilt.  Since we are so small and all have super busy lives outside of quilting, we wanted to be sure that we didn't bite off more than we could chew with a charity project.

We decided to work together to make a sampler quilt to accommodate everyone's fabric stash, sewing preferences, and experience levels.  We all agreed to use Kona White as our background (if any) so that the blocks had some continuity, and we divided up the quilting jobs as well.

We all contributed blocks, and Katelyn assembled the quilt top.  Janet put the backing together, and she and I basted it.  Then I quilted and bound it.  I just LOVE how it turned out!

The backing is Kona Navy with a fantastic patriotic text print, along with one orphan block.  Incidentally, this may be my favorite block in the entire quilt- but it is so hard to choose just one!  I quilted with white on the front and gray thread on the back so that it blended in just a little bit better with the dark backing.  The binding is Kona Rich Red, and frames the whole quilt beautifully.

I used my own labeling method, and left space to write in the recipient's name.  By the way, even though it looks crooked in this picture, I promise the writing is straight.  Just a funny camera angle, I guess.  I hope that the serviceman who receives it can feel the appreciation we have for him (or her!) in every single stitch.


  1. I love your Quilt of Valor. Teamwork triumph! (and the back is as terrific as the front)

  2. I love the quilt, y'all did a beautiful job.

  3. I am sure this quilt is going to be treasured by the lucky person who receives it. I do struggle with what modern quilting means even though I go to 2 groups, to me these are traditional blocks that have been usd in sampler quilts for years

  4. Kelly, you all made a beautiful quilt which someone is sure to treasure!

  5. Kelly - y'all did a fabulous job, it is gorgeous. I would love to hear how the recipient will be chosen. Do y'all have a plan?

    1. We are donating it to our local VA, and their coordinator will select a recipient that has recently returned from combat.

      :) Kelly

  6. Lovely quilt Kelly well done to you and your group.

  7. That is absolutely gorgeous! I love red, white & blue quilts :)
    Someone is going to really love that quilt <3

  8. Beautiful quilt! I have a grandson who's in the Marines and another one who's going in next month ~ so this quilt inspires me to make one for each of them.

  9. Beautiful quilt that will definitely be appreciated. It's so great that you belong to a MQG, even if it's small. There's one in my area but their monthly meetings are at 1pm in the middle of the week. I'd never be able to attend. Lucky for me, I have my online community.

  10. Absolutely beautiful! I just love red/white/blue quilts.

  11. Beautiful QOV. This is one organization that I spend many hours a month supporting. You ladies did a great job and the recipient will love it.

  12. That is a beautiful quilt!! Make sure to report it when it is presented ;-) I love how you all worked together, the kona white was a great choice !!

  13. Beautiful! My son is currently serving in the US Navy. Would love to make one similar to this. Is the pattern available?


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