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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Waiting out the Ice Storm and NTT

Happy Needle and Thursday, friends!  The story of this week, aside from finishing my book revisions, is the ice storm that is sitting over the middle of the US.  Here in the Memphis metro area, we've had about 1/4" of ice so far, with a little more expected overnight tonight.  The ice-coated trees and and icicles on the houses are really beautiful, but boy do they cause problems.  We've been very lucky that we've kept power, but there are others who are not faring as well.  Knowing the ice storm was coming and not knowing what to expect, I worked late Monday night finishing the review of my book draft.  I didn't want to be stuck with no power and a deadline looming.

Between watching the sleet and freezing rain and watching the weather forecast, since my book review was finished, I finally got to baste my latest quilt.  It's laid across my table (which is why it isn't super smooth) and ready to quilt!

This is all supposedly going to move out tomorrow (and switch over to plain old rain), and then we'll be in the 50's and 60's before the week is out.  That's Memphis weather for ya. 

Let's go ahead and check out the highlights from last week.  This gorgeous quilt top is by Karen at Quilts... etc.

This cute quilt is from Jan at The Colorful Fabriholic, and there's a tutorial!

This red beauty is from Julie's Quilts and Costumes-

Kat at Scrapbox Quilts shared this pretty finish (and you MUST go see all of the quilting on the back side!

This sweet pink pillow was linked up by Sally at Crafts, Cavies, and Cooking-

And finally, Nancy at Grace and Peace Quilting shared this Meadowland quilt.  I never tire of this pattern.  It's so simple, yet so satisfying!

SO MANY amazing projects were linked up last week.  I had such a tough time choosing highlights!

Okay friends!  I hope you're not dealing with this ice storm, but even if you are, I hope you're nice and toasty in your house!

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  1. Good to hear you're near the end of the ice, Kelly. The fabrics on your latest quilt are beautiful! Thank you for featuring Missy's Meadowland quilt!!!

  2. I'm glad that your weather hasn't been so bad that you've lost power, but I would have worked ahead just in case, too!

  3. Goodness, stay safe and warm. Hoping your power does not go out. Here in Alabama we missed the ice that was predicted for today. But it is supposed to arrive tomorrow. More pretty quilts in the highlight this week.

  4. I hope it warms up very soon and so glad to hear that the power stayed on. What a lovely quilt you have basted. Enjoy.

  5. thanks for the feature in today's post. So far we have kept our power in Arkansas where I am but I think from what I heard this morning it was worse in Eastern Arkansas going to Memphis so I hope your lights are still on today

  6. We haven't had the freezing rain, but we had frigid temps and days of hoar frost. Brrrrr!


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