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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Flower Shower and NTT

Welcome to Needle and Thread Thursday, friends!  What a difference a week makes.  Last week, we were waiting out an ice storm (and we did get just under 1/2" accumulation here), and today it is in the upper 60's and feeling very much like spring.  We lost some limbs from a big pine tree in our yard, so we did have quite a bit of cleanup this weekend, but it could have been SO much worse for us, and I'm very thankful it wasn't.

Instead, I worked through another round of book edits and finished this beauty.  Since these blocks look like window panes, I'm calling it Flower Shower.

Instead of my usual favorite stipple quilting pattern, I opted for a graceful design that reminds me of petals.  I think technically this is called a paisley quilting design, though I don't think it really resembles paisleys at all.  Is there another name for this motif?  

It's really visible on the back side of the quilt-

I used 30 different fabrics for this quilt (one complete block cut from each fabric), which was way more than I really needed for the front.  Of course, I wanted all the leftovers for the backing!  Even with all those scraps, I still needed a little extra fabric, so I bought some extra yardage of this navy crosshatch to fill it out.  Rather than using a single strip of navy I decided to sprinkle the navy rectangles throughout the backing so they blend right in with the leftover rectangles.

And I used the same fabric for the binding as well!

I really enjoyed making this quilt.  The simplicity of the pattern made it stress-free, and I love that the pattern allows the gorgeous fabrics to take center stage.  Sometimes I need to get out of my own head and be okay with simple, easy patterns.  I haven't decided what to do with this quilt just yet, but I'm sure it will find a good home!

Last week's party was filled with eye-candy, like this lovely quilt from Something Rosemade-

And this one from Turid at Den syende himmel-

This stunner from Maggie at Making a Lather-

And this sweet quilt top is from Linda at kokaquilts-

Okay y'all!  I hope spring is starting to emerge where you are (even if that ridiculous groundhog says six more weeks of winter), and I hope you're all getting plenty of good creative time.  Let's party!

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  1. What a beautiful Flower Shower, and I love both sides of it. Thank you for featuring me this week.

  2. What a big change in weather from 1/2" of ice to over 60 degrees. I would call that quilting motif a paisley and don't know of another name for it, but I'm curious if anyone else has another suggestion. Sprinkling in the extra fabric you purchased for the backing makes it blend right in and I wouldn't have known you had to add it if you didn't mention it!

  3. glad you didn't get much damage from the ice storm, sounds like about what we go here in Arkansas in my area

  4. Flower Shower is a lovely quilt. I always enjoy seeing the backs of your quilts as well as the front! Glad there was not much damage from the ice storm. Fortunately, a little further southeast, we did not have ice...just a cold rain.

  5. Flower shower is such a fun quilt. I think this one is going on my list since I have some beautiful fabrics that need a pattern that shows them off.


  6. What a pretty quilt and so reflective of spring! Thanks for the chance to share with others. :)

  7. Thanks for the feature Kelly. I’m glad the ice storm is over and your Flower Shower quilt is a nice way to think of better weather.It’s the perfect pattern to showcase floral prints which I have several bundles waiting for the right pattern like yours.

  8. Loving your flower shower quilt! And thanks for including me this week in your picks. Cyclone Gabrielle is heading for New Zealand this weekend and so here in Auckland we are once again in a State of Emergency. Forecasts tell us that this will be a 100yr event with 150 kilometre winds, power outage, trees down, waves up to 6 or 7 metres, and to have enough medications for one week, food for at least three days, a plan should evacuation be necessary, this would include pets of course. The destruction will be huge as recovery is still underway from the one we experienced two weeks ago :(


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