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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

A Jolt of Inspiration and NTT

Happy Needle and Thread Thursday, friends!  You know, I'm a huge cheerleader for making quilts entirely from stash, and I've done it many, many times.  The next best thing is using stash for most of the quilt, and filling in the gaps with purchased fabric for background, backing, etc.  And I enjoy doing that too.  My stash isn't huge, but it has a well-rounded rainbow of color that gives me plenty of options.  Then, there are some times that I just open my fabric cabinet and no matter how long I stare at it, I can't come up with anything I really want to make.  When that happens, I know it's time for me to do a little fabric shopping.

I found Riley Blake's Blissful Blooms bundle on sale, and used my stash to round it out.  The prints are absolutely gorgeous.  The bundle is heavy on pink and purple, but I noticed that the florals use lots of blues and greens as accents.  So, I pulled those from my stash to balance it a little bit.  I'm still not quite sure what I'm going to make with them, but this luscious bundle has me spinning lots of ideas in my head and wishing for spring!

Last week's party had some really wonderful links, like this beauty from Julie's Quilts and Costumes-

Sally at Crafts, Cavies, and Cooking shared this lovely, soothing quilt-

This festive finish was linked up by LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color-

And Linda at Kokaquilts shared this fantastic kaleidoscope quilt.  Hooray for getting rid of a UFO!

There were SO many choices this week.  Y'all are really rocking it in the new year!  Let's get our party going!

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  1. That's a beautiful fabric pull. I like adding to a bundle, too, because they are often heavy on mid tones and could use some balancing out. It will be fun to see what it inspires you to make. It's feeling like spring here with all the crazy amount of rain we have received (with more in the forecast) and our hills are green already. So strange!

  2. Lovely fabrics! Can’t wait to see what you do with them.


  3. A gorgeous fabric pull Kelly. And thanks for the shout out too. Happy New Year!

  4. I have a seriously dysfunctional stash because when I started quilting I just bought tons and tons of fat quarters and half yards pieces of every print I thought was pretty. Nothing goes together, I don't have enough of any one style or collection to actually make anything with it, and I don't have any solids or blenders in sufficient quantity to pull magic out of the stash, either. Live and learn! I sneak bits of those stash fabrics in here and there when I can, but most of it will probably still be sitting unused when I die. Hey, imagine if quilters were buried in tombs like Egyptian kings, and we all had outer chambers of our pyramids full of our sewing machines and fabric stashes so we could work on our UFOs in the Afterlife?! ;-)

  5. What a nice, well-rounded rainbow of colors you've pulled. I don't know how you go about finding inspiration about what to make, but personally, I find that chasing down a challenge, or following some prompt/idea that another quilter has come up with is a motivator for me. I can't join-in on your linky shares because I always share a book review alongside quilt-y stuff, but you've sure found some beauties to share this week. Well done, quilters!


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