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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Lakeview Quilters and NTT

Welcome to Needle and Thread Thursday, y'all!  This week, I had the pleasure of visiting the Lakeview Quilters Guild near Houston, Texas.  This trip was originally scheduled right as Covid hit in March 2020, and and I'm so happy that I finally had the opportunity to meet them in person.  The guild was so friendly and welcoming.  I loved chatting with them, and the shop that hosted us was just gorgeous.  We worked on the Beach Retreat pattern from my first book, Stash Statement, and had SO much fun!

On of the ladies in the class decided to go with the same soothing beach colors as the quilt in the book, but the rest took off in their own color directions, and I love that!  It always makes me so happy to see how different color choices change the entire feel of the quilt.  

Though my trip took up a few days last week, I also got to finish two more blocks for my Star of Bethlehem quilt.  My design wall is filling up and it makes me happy! 

Since some have asked, I don't have a tutorial or pattern for this block, but HERE is one by Lori Holt for a 6" or 12" block.  My block construction is just a little different and my blocks finish at 16",  but the resulting block looks the same.  Also, the Swoon quilt pattern by Camille Roskelly is a simplified version of this traditional block.

Last week's party was filled with a whole lot of amazingness, like this quilt by Kris at Sew Sunshine-

And take a look at this EPP beauty by Turid at Den syende himmel.  Y'all, those are quarter-inch hexes!

Nancy at Grace and Peace Quilting linked up this pretty quilt-

And this simple, sweet quilt is by Institches with Bonnie-


  1. Fun that you could do a workshop with the quilters in Texas! Yes, we always love to see the various takes!!! Love that your Star of Bethlehem is 16"! They're adorable!!!

  2. I'm sure enjoying all the Star of Bethlehem blocks you are making. I normally keep to really simple blocks and let the print fabrics do all the work but these blocks are very inspiring. I also really like the red and blue quilt made in your class. It's not a color scheme I ever use but it looks great.

  3. So great to be able to meet up in classes again. Thanks for featuring me this week.

  4. Love the variety! I made a scrappy Swoon Quilt a couple years ago for a wedding gift - all the kids get one, the long arm quilter wasn't going to give it back! It's a terrific "memory" quilt of all the others that came before it. Even the bride could see the blocks from her baby quilt, her sister's quilt.... Thanks always inspirational to see what everyone else is doing.


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