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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

NTT- One At a Time

Happy Needle and Thread Thursday, y'all!  I started a new quilt this week.  I used the navy floral as my inspiration fabric, and pulled this pretty palette straight from my stash.

For the first time ever, I pulled fabrics, decided on a block, and just started cutting willy-nilly.  I am a planner and I always pull exactly the number of fabrics I need, devise a cutting plan so I don't waste any, and cut all of my fabrics at once for the entire quilt, including all of the background pieces.

Well, that's not happening with this one.  I got as far as counting up the numbers and sizes of each piece I needed for a single block, and I didn't make it any further (to be fair, it is a fairly involved block).  Instead, I just grabbed three fabrics, cut the pieces for a single block, and sewed it up.  When I had time for a second block, I grabbed three more fabrics, cut those pieces and made it.  Do I have enough fabric pulled?  I don't know.  Am I wasting fabric cutting this way?  Probably.  This quilt is happening in fits and spurts between book-writing tasks, blogging tasks, the gym, cooking dinner, and family time, so it will just happen as it happens, and I'm okay with that.

I made a 24 inch Bethlehem Star block as part of my Classic Meets Modern BOM quilt a few years ago, and since then, I have thought about making a whole quilt with this block.  I sized it down to 16 inches for this quilt, and it will be fun to see it come together bit by bit.

Though you can't see the progress, I am rocking and rolling on my book pattern writing lately, and it makes me pretty happy that I was able to squeeze in a little bit of sewing this week too!  

Last week's party had plenty of beauties.  Check out this fun pear quilt by Jennifer at Life's Little Adventures-

And I love this scrappy quilt by Gretchen's Little Corner-

And Deb at A Scrappy Quilter did a huge roundup of all of her finishes for 2021, but I think my favorite might be this scrappy star quilt-

Okay, friends!  It's time to get our party going.  What are you working on this week?

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  1. I am the opposite - I get too impatient to cut everything all at once, so I cut, piece, cut some more, piece some more. I think I would lose all the cut up pieces or forget which piece is which if I tried to cut all at once.

  2. I am a planner as well, but it sounds freeing to give yourself permission to do it all a bit differently with these blocks. It sounds like the reward of sewing might be helping keep your book writing going well, too. Regardless, hooray for good book progress and fun sewing!

  3. Ooh love your new project! I made a Swoon mini quilt a few years ago and had to look at it on my wall, to see the difference here, and now I want to make this block too! May need to use it as a SAHRR...

  4. Love the colors/fabrics you selected! The pear project is cool. I missed that last week.

  5. Those new blocks look lovely, Kelly, and I love your reckless abandon with the rotary cutter instead of sticking to a plan! Welcome to the Dark Side of Creative Chaos and Wastefulness! Although I have to say, after trying out your improv piecing technique, I don't really feel like ANY fabric is wasted anymore. What used to look like wasted fabric is now just moved from the Regular Stash to the Scrap Stash!

  6. Your blocks and color choices are beautiful! I'm like you - I kit my quilts then sew. But, I love how your blocks are coming out!

  7. The Bethlehem Star blocks look great! What a fun bunch of fabrics you chose for a pretty quilt.

  8. I never cut out a whole quilt at once, so your typical method is really foreign to me! That's mostly because I no longer follow block-based quilt designs. Glad you are finding time to squeeze in any sewing, as you make progress on your book. It sounds like you're experiencing life to its fullest!


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