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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Snowmageddon and NTT

Hey there, all you northern peeps!  I am sorry to say that your weather is lost and stuck down here in the South where we are absolutely unprepared for it.  When you reach temps in the upper 90's in the summertime, I'll gladly come grab those if you'll please come and take your weather back where it belongs right this very second.  Deal?  Thanks.

This is the view from my sewing studio (there is a street under there somewhere), and though it is lovely, I'm over it.  Here in west Tennessee we haven't been above freezing since last Wednesday, and our low temp the other night was ONE.  That's just stupid cold.  We had almost a quarter inch of ice last Thursday, about six inches of snow on Monday, and it's snowing...again.  We're expecting another 3-5 inches of snow plus a nice glaze of ice tonight and tomorrow.  Ugh.  Southerners really are not built for this.  

On the bright side, we have power and plenty of food, so we're all hunkered down at home.  My family in Texas is not so lucky.  They are currently without power AND water, so even though I'm grumbling a little, I'm definitely counting my blessings.  Prayers to all of you Southern people going through this (and all of you Northerners who are getting more winter weather than you want).  I truly hope you're faring well.

I have been able to accomplish quite a bit over the past week though.  I finished reviewing my book pages and got those submitted to my publisher (y'all are going to love this book.  I just know it!).  Then I got busy on my latest quilt.  I've been chain piecing a ton today, and I'm almost to the point where my blocks are ready to go together.  I'm hoping to have a finished quilt top sometime this weekend.  This is the Cider collection by Basic Grey, and though it's a little more earthy than my usual palette, I really love it.  I can't wait for you to see more.

Before we link up, take a look at some of the eye-candy from last week.  This beauty is by Sandra at mmm quilts-

Nancy at Grace and Peace Quilting shared this colorful quilt-

This simple but fun quilt was shared by Better'n Dog Biscuits-

I love this quilt by Anja Quilts-

And Jayne at Twiggy and Opal shared a mini quilt using the Pantone Colors of the Year-

Before we party, I also owe you two winners from last week's sponsor post.  Each of these winners will receive a gift certificate to Fort Worth Fabric Studio.  That'll brighten any winter day!  The two winners are Diane (comment #17) and The Joyful Quilter (comment #51).  Congrats, ladies!  I'll be emailing you shortly!

Okay, friends!  Let's get this party going!  

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  1. OMG, Kelly! Your opening paragraph is hilarious!! Sorry that you've had more than your share of winter, with more on the way. I'm not a fan of ice and snow, either. Sorry to hear about your TX family without power and water! That was my MIL last week.

  2. I love that Cider collection!!! Can't wait to see your completed quilt top. And yes, can't wait for your book to drop! I know I'm going to love it, too! Thanks for featuring my Linkety Split quilt! I'm linking up my Miniature Linkety Split this week--one to gift and one to keep (mini version)!

  3. It's a winter wonderland here in Nashville too! Last saturday we had our quarantine family (three kidlets!) come and stay for a few they are snowed in with us! Four extra mouths has totally depleted out milk and eggs supply! The best thing to do is stay home...there are too many unqualified snow drivers out there!

  4. Beautiful fabrics in your latest project! We have lots of snow in KS but I'm loving it. Just btw: this is my third try at linking up and am completely unable to get an image. It only pulls up two images from my page (thumbnails that don't really make sense for the linkup); if I upload my own, I get an error (even though my pics are the correct size). The provider says they get a huge amount of errors and that they're working on it but I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if they've found a way around it?

  5. You are right, I think all the usual Minnesota snowfall got redirected to y'all down there. I completely get your being over it; we all feel that way about this time of winter. I hope your family in Texas is safe, I sure feel for them, having no power and no water. They have a long road ahead to recover from all that. Meanwhile, you have some lovely fabrics you are playing with in your studio - they are so cheerful and happy! Hope you are back to normal weather soon!

  6. Stay warm and safe Kelly. I'm counting my blessing here in Colorado. We've only had a few days of really cold and not much snow down on the plains. Snow days do make for good sew days. : )

  7. Wow! That photo is lovely but only because I'm sitting where there is not snow right now. Not that we haven't had some this month but it did all melt off. I'm glad to hear you are safe and warm and hope your family and all the others in Texas get some relief in the next few days. This is unbelievable.

  8. I am so sorry about your snow. Some children down by you asked their mom "Can we touch it?" Here is Chicago we are just bored with it but usually just ignore it. Your blog is so wonderful I can forget all about the weather and fell deeply in love with all the other quilts you shared. The Cider collection looks like warm sandy beaches! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Lots of beauty this week, just like always.

  10. The weather has been fierce! Thankfully, I missed the worst of it here in MO because I was in AZ, but I saw that the temps were in the negatives for several days. Congrats on getting your book pages reviewed, I'm sure it's quite the task.

  11. Stay Safe Kelly! So far the snow has missed us so I feel very thankful and send warm thoughts to all those being shallenged.

  12. Thank you for featuring my beach glass quilt! Stay warm; I know it's been terrible and we had quite a storm at the beginning of the week, dumped the most snow we've seen here. As for the 90s in the summer, it's okay, I'll keep ours thanks! Bring on Spring!

  13. Sorry to hear about your weather woes. Our winter hasn't been too bad (fingers crossed), but we are expecting more snow tonight. I heard the terrible news about Texas. I pray the weather changes soon and that everyone is okay.

  14. Your weather sounds awful. I wouldn't like it one bit, so you make me appreciate being truly "south," here in Florida. It's been cool, but manageable cool. We haven't turned on our furnace yet this winter. Glad your book is on it's way, and that you're enjoying sewing time.


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