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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

What the Wild Thing Wants (and NTT)

Happy Needle and Thread Thursday, friends.  Right now, the weather here can only be described as Satan's front porch, and every time I step outside I feel more like a rotisserie chicken than an actual human.  The struggle is real.  Even so, my wild thing had the audacity to tell me that he gets cold (!!!) at night sleeping under the store-bought quilt on his bed, and asked if I would make one for him.

I know that you're probably surprised to find out that the main quilt on his bed is store bought, but to be fair, it is solid gray, and he does have a few different throw quilts that I have made that stay folded at the foot of the bed.  He got under the Epic AMH quilt on our bed this weekend though, and was very quick to remark at the difference in the weight between my quilts and the purchased one (yes baby, there is a difference).

Anyway, when a teenage boy asks for a gift from Mom that doesn't involve a screen or a plug it's a rarity, which means it's time to drop everything and get busy.  Wild Thing chose the color palette and pattern, and though I picked out the fabrics, I did let him take a look at the pull to make sure all of the prints were manliness-approved.

Between prepping for my trip to Houston to teach this weekend and a minor outpatient procedure yesterday (I'm fine), I've only gotten as far as cutting and sorting the fabrics, but I'm really excited to see it come together when I can finally get to my machine.

I do have one more bit of information to share before we get to last week's party highlights.  As I mentioned, I will be traveling to teach in Houston this weekend, but I will be extending my trip to visit family afterward, so NTT will be taking a break next week!

Okay then, let's check out some of my favorite links from last week.  Just look at this quilt by Nancy at Grace and Peace Quilting.  It's so beautiful!

Lynn at My Purple Patch shared up this scrappy beauty.

Susan at Quilt Fabrication linked up this fun table runner.  It's perfect for the season!

And finally, check out this stunner by Kris at Sew Sunshine.

Alright, friends!  I'll be back in two weeks, but I can't wait to browse through all of your awesome projects while I'm away from home.  :)

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  1. Very cool fabric pull! Thank you for featuring my quilt. Have a great trip!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing my quilt and really look forward to seeing how you will put those gorgeous fabrics together.

  3. Love those fabrics for Wild Thing's quilt. I don't have a self-made quilt on my bed either. It's on my list, once I decide on a pattern! Enjoy your trip! Stay cool!

  4. Have a safe trip! OMG! It was hotter than hot for a few days! Thankfully a storm blew through and took the thickness out of the air. I'll be curious to see what design you use for your sons quilt. Love the colors you pulled though!

  5. Houston! Looking forward to your workshop this weekend!

  6. Yes! You definitely have to drop everything when a child requests that you make him a quilt - I know I'd be jumping all over it! And thanks for the feature! Watermelon project #2 is linked up to today's party, and just as enjoyable.

  7. I've got my daughter's quilt queued up after I finish a WIP from last year.
    I've linked up - thank you for hosting.

  8. Wild Thing's got good taste!! Looking forward to seeing the quilt that springs forth from that beautiful fabric pull.

  9. It's a beautiful colour choice ! I had fun reading your post. So true ! :-) Enjoy your trip !

  10. I hear you! When one of our babies (they'll always be our babies, right?) asks for a quilt, the world stops until they get it! Your color pull is really pretty! Have fun in Houston!

  11. That's a great fabric pull. I understand where your son is coming from -- I've slept with the covers on while the fan was going a few nights..... LOL Have fun teaching and enjoy the mini vacation.

  12. Yay, thanks for posting my Japandi piece! Love your color pull!

  13. I decided to start visiting linky parties again, and you're leaving! Wow, serves me right for letting life get in the way of my party time. I've zipped over to Alycia's and posted my latest quilt. Thanks for keeping FONF going for so long and for making sure it continues at Alycia Quilts.

  14. I love your fabric pull for this (and the blocks I've also seen :)) and your description of your current weather made me laugh out loud! I wouldn't want to live it, though. That's much too hot for me!


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