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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Gossip Queen and NTT

Happy Needle and Thread Thursday, friends!  I am thrilled to share that my grandfather is out of ICU.  He is still in the hospital, but we are hoping that he will be moved to a skilled nursing facility within the next few days to finish his recovery.  Thanks so much to all of you who shared your well wishes.  We were very worried for awhile there.  Even though his recovery and rehab still has many weeks to go, hopefully the worst is behind us.

I am also delighted to share the quilt top from all of my warm color scraps with you today.  I'm calling this quilt Gossip Queen, and I love it SO much.

One of my favorite summer flowers is the Gossip Queen hibiscus, and the color palette for this quilt is inspired by the vibrant colors in the blossoms.  They have a rich, reddish magenta center, which blends into soft peachy yellow petals.  Hibiscus are tropical, and here in Tennessee, they are considered an annual plant.  I buy one every single year for a large pot on my patio.  When I lived in the Houston area though, the climate was so mild that hibiscus could be planted in the ground, and they survived the winter with ease.  At my home there, my Gossip Queen was over seven feet tall, and we had to prune it yearly so it didn't outgrow the space!  When we moved, I was sad to leave it behind.

(image from

I'm traveling to the Dallas/Fort Worth area this weekend to present a trunk show and workshop for the Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild, and I'm hoping to make some good progress on the quilting before I fly out on Friday.

Before we party, check out a few of the amazing projects shared at last week's party.  This Hydra quilt by Laura at Slice of Pi Quilts is so amazing!

Tanya Quilts in CO linked up her finished Farm Girl Vintage quilt.  Love it!

I love this soft, scrappy quilt by Katie Mae Quilts.

Afton at Quilting Mod shared this fun Perfect Treats quilt, perfectly FUN for summer!

And this improv beauty is by Sophie at Luna Lovequilts.

I'll be spending some time in the airport this weekend, and you know that means that I'll need some eye candy to help me pass the time.  So let's party, y'all!

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  1. I'm so glad your grandfather has taken a turn for the better, Kelly! And your Gossip Queen top is fabulous, like saturated summer sunshine. I love it!

  2. I too am happy your grandfather's health has improved. And what a lovely way to use up those hot warm scraps, great quilt!

  3. So happy that my Curaçao quilt caught your eye! Thank you for hosting the party!

  4. Very pretty quilt! Looks like a good one to snuggle under during the dreary winter days. I've never seen a hibiscus other than the whites, pinks or deep red varieties, beautiful! Glad your grandfather is on the mend. Happy Stitching!

  5. I'm glad to read your grandfather is recovering. I love your hibiscus quilt; it glows!

  6. Wow! Girl, your scrap game is sooo good! Piecing this would intimidate me on multiple levels ... I suspect you made good use of your design wall to get the transitions just right. Now, how the heck will you quilt it? I'm looking forward to seeing the final, finished reveal!

  7. Thank you for sharing the good news about your grandfather; I hope he continues to make a good recovery. Oh my, Gossip Queen is gorgeous, Kelly! I could just sit and look at it for awhile. Here in MN, I buy hibiscus plants for my deck, but they don't survive our brutal winters unless I bring them inside. Thanks for sharing the beautiful quilt!

  8. Such goods news on your grandfather! it might take awhile but I hope all goes smoothly for him now. I love your plants - do you try to winter them over in the house or do they die fairly quickly without enough sun and heat?

  9. Thank God your grandfather is doing better! I pray all goes well for all of you! Your quilt is so beautiful - you are quite talented with color play! Thank you for sharing and hosting!

  10. I'm glad your grandfather is doing well! Your quilt top is gorgeous and so is the flower inspiration :)

  11. Good news about your grandfather ... A HUGE congratulations on your quilt. That is gorgeous!!

  12. You nailed it with your Gossip Queen quilt. Perfect!

  13. It looks great. You always come up with such great names for your quilts.

  14. That Gossip Queen (quilt top) is QUITE the looker, too. Absolutely STUNNING!!

  15. Gossip Queen is my all time favorite of all your scrap quilts. It's the colors. Glorious! Have fun in TX.

  16. So glad your grandfather is doing better. Gossip Queen is gorgeous! So bright and colorful. Perfect in every way Kelly.


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