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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Taming the Beast

Every summer, I usually make it my mission to empty my scrap jars.  Although I did complete a few scrappy projects in the summer of 2018, for a few different reasons, I didn't do the big clear-out as usual.  I've just been sewing with reckless abandon; largely ignoring the fact that the lids on most of my jars are too full to close completely.  Well, 'tis the season to start fresh, so before I make another quilt, the scrap beast must be tamed.

I decided to pull out all of my greens and grays, along with just a little bit of metallic gold sparkle, and sew them together using the improv piecing methods from my book, Stash Statement.  I just need to make one more panel, and then I have a fun plan to cut them up and turn them into something really special.  The cloudy, inside photo isn't showing the color very well, but these greens are so fresh and vibrant, and the gray gives them a little extra modern edge.

It feels so great to finally begin using up the mountain of scraps in my jars.  I can't wait to show you what they'll become!

Last week's party was fantastic!  Clearly, we're all off to a running start in 2019.  This pretty quilt is by Shannon at The Flemings Nine-

Prairie Charm Quilts linked up this cute and cheery triangle quilt, and in her post she shows several other quilt beauties-

And Vasudha at Storied Quilts shared this stunning Spiral Nova quilt.  In her post, you can see the lineup of her best quilts of 2018-

Okay, ya'll!  Let's make the second party of 2019 as great as the first.  Let's party!

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  1. I wonder how you can fit your scraps into jars - you must use them a lot faster than I do :(

  2. Great color combination! I look forward to seeing what these slabs evolve into becoming.

  3. I applaud your effort to empty your scrap jars! Can't wait to see what you do with all this gray and green scrappiness!

  4. Yes, I really like these colors! Looks like happy sewing to me. I'm curious as to what else you're going to do with this!

  5. My scraps were overflowing as well. I've had to make 2 quilts just so I could get the containers shut! I love that you're using a color scheme to give some order to the improv piecing. It looks great!

  6. Good Morning, Kelly! Your green scraps look so pretty with the glimmers of metallic! But in all of these years of hoarding and organizing every little scrap of leftover fabric, I did not know that I was supposed to ever use them up! HAH! I'm going to pretend I never read this post and go back to buying bigger containers when my scrap bins get full...

  7. My scraps have been overflowing for quite awhile. I'm itching to get your book out and play a bit, but I need to catch up on some projects first. Those greens look so bright and pretty, especially during these dreary winter days here.

  8. There comes a time when you gotta get those wild scraps tamed! I'm sure you will come up with an amazing quilt with these blocks. You've peaked my interest that's for sure!

  9. I need to make an effort to tame my scraps. I'm hoping to use up scraps when I finish a project....but we'll see how that goes LOL I love that spiral lonestar.

  10. I am always amazed at how many scraps you have and all the beautiful quilt projects you are creating. I am down to making one more plaid memory quilt from the only large pieces about the size of a fat quarter from 10 shirts and then I will have to start seeing what I can make from all the scraps. The Detour quilt didn't use them all.I will be scouring your improv book for more possible ideas.

  11. The slabs look great and will make a fabulous quilt.

  12. Taming scraps and turning them into beautiful quilts - you wrote the book on it. Literally :-D
    I am sure this will become a lovely quilt!!!


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