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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

A Pain In the Neck

Literally.  For about a month I've been dealing with pain in my neck, which (for the most part) has kept me from tackling any big projects.  A visit to the orthopedist this morning confirmed that I will need some physical therapy sessions, and a little less time at my sewing machine for the next few weeks.

This little 12-inch pillow is a gift for a friend, and is officially the last bit of Christmas deadline sewing I needed to get done.  I pulled out some of my favorite small pieces for this project, and decided to keep the design nice and simple with some improv.  Dense swirl quilting adds a fun little touch of whimsy, and Kona Basil makes a perfect Christmas green binding.

I love this large ornament print, and I had just enough of it for the back of this pillow.  This sweet little pillow is already wrapped up and under my tree, just waiting for Christmas!

Last week, there weren't very many links, as I suspect that most were into Thanksgiving prep mode (me too!), but the projects that were shared were wonderful!  Look at this quilt by Marie at Octopus Patchwork-

Anja Quilts linked up her lovely finished Potter's Wheel quilt-

and Micki at 2 Dogs Studio shared this stunner-

I sure hope you're rocking and rolling in your studio this week!  I can't wait to see what you're working on.  Let's party!

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  1. SEW sorry to hear that your neck has been bothering you! Here's hoping that PT works wonders. Your holiday pillow is darling, but make sure you don't spend more time at the machine than you should!

  2. I'm also hoping the therapy helps with your neck pain. I'm glad you had most of your holiday sewing finished. Take care of yourself. Blessings!

  3. a forced rest is not good! hope the therapy works - I like to use heated in the microwave therapeutic neck wraps - the pain doesn't completely go away but it helps relax the muscles. Hope your neck feels better soon - been there done that and again and again

  4. Ouch! I sure hope you get some relief and help soon. Congratulations on having all of your Christmas sewing complete.

  5. I hope you will get better soon, it's not funny to have troubles with the neck. Cute cushion!

  6. Oh no, I do hope the physio sorts out your neck soon, there's nothing worse when you need to sew!

  7. Sheeeww, good thing you Christmas sewing is complete. Thank you for the linky party. Sending hugs and well wishes.

  8. I hope the physio set your neck back to rights quickly! Good for you, getting all your Christmas sewing done so far in advance :)

  9. Sorry to hear about your pain and I know PT is going to do wonders. I had to undergo PT for a frozen shoulder over ten years ago and it was a big relief and very helpful in teaching me the importance of exercise and maintaining flexibility. It's good that your Christmas sewing is done and you'll have one less holiday stress. BTW, I'll be doing PT for my knee in a couple of weeks and glad to know that I'll be in good company.

  10. So sorry about your neck Kelly. I had horrible back issues and was unable to get upstairs to my sewing room or even sit at the sewing machine for several months. Hope the physical therapy works like a charm and you can start sewing the gorgeous quilty things you make soon.

  11. Your pillow is great. It's almost like planned improv -- it seems to have been planned. Sorry to hear about your pain. I like the first quilt by Marie. I have had that technique bookmarked to try someday.


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