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Saturday, March 31, 2018


When I teach classes, I stress that I'm not a perfectionist quilter.  Constantly ripping out seams is demoralizing, and can stop quilt progress in its tracks.  I firmly believe that to improve a skill, it's best just to gain experience and practice by forging ahead to get the project finished.  So, I rarely rip out seams, unless I truly can't help it.

On the other hand, practice does make perfect, and when I made the Will's Wings quilt for my friend, the feather detail quilting on the wings turned out so much better the second time around that I couldn't help a remake for keeps.  I'm hoping that the third time's the charm for this pattern and I can't wait to start quilting it!

I also wanted to share a gorgeous version of the Take Flight pattern, made by a friend in my guild who tested the pattern for me.  She made this quilt for a friend in memory of her husband, and the black/gray ombre wings are so striking, and definitely give the quilt a more masculine look.

ps- the Take Flight pattern is an exclusive FREE bonus pattern, only available with the purchase of my brand new book Stash Statement.  You can get a signed copy in my Etsy shop HERE!

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  1. I so love your Angel Quilt! So very beautiful! The quilting is so pretty as well!


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