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Saturday, February 24, 2018

A Quilt For Remembering

Several weeks ago, when I posted my first Take Flight quilt, my friend contacted me about making a very special quilt for her in memory of her angel baby, lost suddenly to a flu-like illness at the age of two.

She requested blues, greens, and aquas/teals in the background, because he loved the cartoon Blues Clues, and these colors always remind her of him.

Though this happened many years ago (he would be a teenager today), I know that neither the love a parent feels for a child, nor the pain from this kind of loss ever leaves a momma's heart. When we talked about the quilt, my friend said "My heart needs this quilt," and I am honored to make it for her in memory of her precious boy.

*ps- you can check out more information on my Take Flight pattern HERE.


  1. What a special reason to make such a special quilt; it's lovely and will be treasured I'm sure.

  2. How sweet, and how awful to experience such a loss.

  3. I hope your quilt soothes her heart...parents never "get over" this or the hole in their hearts. Beautiful quilt.

  4. Sad story, but so glad you were able to make this memory for your friend.


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