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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Jingle and NTT

Nope, your eyes do not deceive you.  I am in fact working on a Christmas quilt right now, complete with my fave Christmas music playing while I sew.  You might recall that last summer, I posted a tutorial for a Poinsettia Table Topper made with Kate Spain's Jingle collection.  I fell in love with the fabrics then, and have had this bundle for a while, just waiting for the opportunity to turn them into a Christmas quilt for myself (can you believe that I don't already have one??)

So here's the thing.  By the time the Christmas season rolls around, we are all bombarded with red and green everywhere, and I don't really want to sew Christmas things.  I enjoy my Christmas projects much more when I'm not seeing the decor everywhere.  I know it's a little bit weird.

I have always thought that my Baubles pattern would be perfect with holiday fabrics, because the shape of the blocks look like vintage glass ornaments, and it definitely creates the effect I was hoping for.  Unfortunately, I didn't have enough forethought to order backing fabric from the Jingle line when I got the bundle, so I need to figure that out, but I can't wait to get this one finished!

Last week's party was full of amazingness!  It always makes me smile to see someone enjoy making one of my patterns, and Celine at Espritpatch shared her version of my Stems and Stones pattern last week!

Jennie at Porch Swing Quilts shared this happy, and fun Polka Dot Pinwheel quilt.

and Jess at Quilty Habit shared this wonderfully modern Emergence quilt.  Look at the all of that awesome quilting!

Choosing highlights each weeks is so difficult. Y'all just rock!  Let's get to it, friends!

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  1. I'm with you - I always like working on holiday projects during the summer. And I LOVE Jingle! I'm working with it right now, just some yardage finishing up a few more wreath blocks before I start putting the whole thing together. I also have a layer cake of it that I need to figure out what to do with.

  2. It is the perfect pattern for a Christmas quilt, but I so want to enjoy the summer before I start sewing for Christmas. If summer ever arrives in my part of the UK that is.

  3. This is just going to be perfect as a Christmas quilt. I really need to start thinking because usually Christmas doesn't start for us until December and by then it's just too late and hurried to enjoy the sewing! Linking up for the first time today so thanks for hosting.

  4. I feel the same way. It's much more fun to work on Christmas projects before the holiday season. I'm hoping to have two Christmas quilts completed by the end of September. One for my best friend and one for me as I too don't have one of my own - I've made two, but ended up giving them both away! BTW - you were right, you're Baubles pattern is perfection with Jingle. You've got a very retro-chic holiday vibe going on with that combo - LOVE IT!

  5. It seems like during the holiday season I spend all my time making last minute gifts! Cramming them in! You are way ahead of the game and not too far off from Christmas in July!!

  6. I love your Christmas quilt! Strangely enough, I'm working on a Christmas project too, though that's not what I linked.

  7. I do like the shape of your block pattern. Kinda reminds me of old ornaments for some reason. At first glance it looks like you used one of those complicated vintage block patterns, but after a closer look I see you made it very easy. I'm always amazed at how much work you get done!

  8. Great to work on the Christmas quilt now. That will ensure you a finish before Christmas. Great fabrics and pattern.

  9. I love Christmas all year round! When I went through a season of being involved in the bus ministry at a church I attended, it changed my life. On Thursday and Friday nights, we went into lower income neighbors in the inner city of a large city in the mid-west. We visited children age 4-18; told them what the theme for the week was; went over a Bible scripture for the week; invited them to church on Saturday morning; loved on them; and gave them candy. Each child had to have a permission slip to go to church on Saturday. Then on Saturday, we had praise and worship for 30 minutes beginning at 8 AM and then we got on old school buses; picked up the children and took them to church. That was a trip with children who didn't have stability in their homes. Volunteers taught them lessons by age group. Then at noon, the bus workers took the children back home and prayed there would be an adult to accept them back home. In the summer, it was HOT, HOT, HOT on the bus. We did this 3 out of 4 weekends a month. It make me appreciative of what I have in my life; it make me realize no matter how horrible my life may seem, it is easy to find someone less fortunate and it's not far; every day I asked God to allow me to be a worthy vessel through which He could flow; I learned to be more of a giver and every day became Christmas. Christmas Day lost the hoopla (of the world) and every day became much more important as God's day. I love Christmas and what better day to sew on a Christmas quilt than today (no matter what day that is!). I'm thrilled that you are keeping the quilt for yourself. We need to learn to pamper ourselves, too. I also had to learn to not let people take advantage of it - there is a line. I am a Christian and I am not a door mat. Some of the parents knew that I would help if there was a need and tried to take advantage. If you take a bag of beans to a family and they don't want to cook them and eat them, then maybe they aren't as hungry as they say they are.

  10. Love the Christmas Baubles! It's a perfect Christmas quilt.

  11. Wow another winner, love love your Jingle quilt. Thanks for featuring my version of your Stems and Stones, I am honoured! And there is another serving this week as it is quilted. Only binding left now!

  12. Ahhh, it looks great!! I love the Christmasy theme for this pattern! Thank you for sharing my Emergence quilt. :)

  13. festive! Christmas anytime of the year just puts a smile on my face! I like to think about it in July/August, when it's super hot outside, gives me a mental cool down. Nice job! I love this pattern!

  14. I love Jingle and your quilt truly does look like vintage bulbs! :)

  15. I love your Christmas Baubles quilt! It really does look like vintage Christmas ornaments.


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