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Monday, March 28, 2016

Bold Stripes

Hey there, friends.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday yesterday.  After early church, we spent a quiet day at home, and it really was wonderful, especially since yesterday was also the last day of Spring Break, and wild thing heads back to school this morning.  I've been working on a new quilt for a preteen girl, and it has been an easy, breezy quilt to put together.  Incidentally, this is the big sister of the recipient of my Seeing Double quilt;  she just took a little longer than her sister to decide on the design and colors she wanted.  She saw this backing on my Snippets quilt, and decided that the bright colors and funky feel were perfect for her room.

These bold rainbow stripes in varying widths were really quick to put together, but the most fun part was playing with the colors to make them blend gradually down the quilt.  In fact, I got a little carried away when I was choosing fabrics (y'all know I love a rainbow), and ended up having to really pare down the number of fabrics.  I decided on 17 different fabrics, but I think I started with around 24, before I realized that the stripes would all have to be really skinny to fit that many prints into a quilt this size.  This quilt will finish at 70 inches square,  and the stripes range from 2-6 inches in width.

The recipient's favorite color is purple, so her mom asked if I would make the rainbow purple-heavy.  Since the top is relatively minimal in design, this quilt is getting a large-scale floral backing with lots of purple.  I know none of you are one bit surprised that I chose an Amy Butler print- it's called Paradise Garden from the Love collection, and the colors are just delectable.

This one is sure to be a quick finish, and I hope to have it all ready to reveal at this week's Needle and Thread Thursday.  We shall see!


  1. Great idea for a fast quilt. I love the backing fabric

  2. This is so nice, and I'm sure the recipient will just love it. When you buy fabric for something like this, how much fabric do you buy? in person? you shop with a project in mind or do you find projects to fit some fabric you adore?

  3. Great quilt! I love when a quilt is simple and quick, yet looks as amazing as this one!

  4. Perfect choice for the backing - I love it!

  5. That's a super fun quilt and the backing is fabulous!!

  6. What great choices have been made for this quilt, the Amy Butler is a perfect and stunning backing too. Thanks so much for linking up at Sew Cute Tuesday today, kind of funny saying something like that to you instead of you saying it to me ;D - Chris (guest host) @madebyChrissieD :D

  7. Love the rainbow stripes in this one. The backing fabric is perfect. I'd best not let my Drama Teen see this version, she's already got 2 of my rainbow inspired quilts, I doubt she'd stop there.


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