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Monday, November 16, 2015

Mardi Gras Revelry

Mardi Gras Revelry is finished, and I am so happy to report that it is packaged and ready to ship out today!

This quilt was so much fun!  I am not really a novelty fabric kind of girl, but for Mardi Gras, a touch of ostentatious is perfect.  I mixed themed fabrics with others from my stash to balance it out though, and I'd say the mix is about half and half.  I definitely wanted the colors to be distinct, because from even the slightest distance, the purple, gold, and green prints could have ended up looking muddled in the quilt without other, more solid fabrics to break them up.  The individual prints are a little difficult to distinguish in the photo of the entire quilt since they are smaller, but you can see them better here (pretty proud of my triangle points too)-

There are feathers, masks, and fleur de lis prints, as well as more traditional prints in Mardi Gras colors, like the chevron, stripe, checkerboard, and polkadot fabrics.  A few of the prints have some gold metallic accents (but not too many).  Then there's my most favorite fabric- the Mardi Gras leopard print!  When I bought the fabrics for this quilt, I almost left this one out because I felt like it was almost too over the top, but I am SO glad I decided to include it.  I love that it is a themed fabric, but so unpredictable.

Speaking of buying these fabrics, I really had a hard time finding everything I needed from one shop.  I was determined to stay with the traditional colors of purple, gold and green, along with black and white.  When I started shopping, I was surprised to find that lots of Mardi Gras fabrics have many different colors in them, and I knew I didn't want that for this quilt.  I also didn't want to pay shipping costs from five or six different shops to get the variety I needed!  A quilt shop in New Orleans, Mes Amis Quilt Shop, came to my rescue.  They are not an online shop, but they do have a website, boasting that they keep almost 30 Mardi Gras prints in stock year round.  They were more than happy to take a phone order and ship the fabrics to me, but since they are a brick and mortar shop only, they didn't have photos of each of their prints readily available.  They were kind enough to text pictures of their bolts to me, 5-6 at a time, so that I could decide what I wanted to order.  Now that is customer service.  (ps- this is NOT a sponsored post, I am just extremely grateful!)

I made use of every single bit of the fabrics in the pieced backing, and finished it off with a Kona Purple binding to frame all of that loud print.  The finished quilt measures 56" x 72," so it is a really great throw size.

I think the combination of the fun fabrics, along with the diamond pattern reminiscent of harlequin masks came together pretty perfectly on this quilt.  And I think it truly captures the spirit of Mardi Gras!  It's glitzy, loud, ostentatious, and so much fun-  perfect for the season where those of us from Louisiana "laissez les bons temps rouler,"  or let the good times roll!


  1. Now THAT says Mardi Gras! Party on!

  2. Fantastic!! I love the colors!! Well Done!!

  3. That really does look like a Mardi Gras party, nice job!

  4. Very cool! Are you going to do a tutorial for us on this?

    1. Thank you, Anne! No, I won't be doing a tutorial, but The Sassy Quilter did a Triangle QAL a while ago and has all of the tips and tricks. This is just an equilateral triangle quilt, but I just laid the triangles end to end to make diamonds, and I cut my strips a little bigger (6.5") to start, so my final quilt is bigger. You can check out the Triangle QAL here-

      :) Kelly

  5. That's great customer service. Worth the effort because this is a great quilt!

  6. Love this quilt! and I agree, those points are "on point"

  7. The top is stunning but I love how you've pieced the back!! I admit to getting lazy when it comes to the back and doing the minimal amount of piecing. This looks fantastic. I've wanted to try triangles but am so intimidated by them.

  8. Love this! It's instantly recognizable as Mardi Gras! :)

  9. I'm not crazy about themed quilts, but this one is really beautiful! I've been to Mes Amis in NOLA and they are just as nice and helpful in person. (I like to think it's our Louisiana culture.) Enjoy your fun quilt!

  10. Love you Mardi Gras quilt! Mes Amis is one of my local quilt shops and the owner is AWESOME! It doesn't surprise me in the least that they would go out of their way to help out. Mes Amis is a fantastic store packed with beautiful fabric.

  11. Thanks to Pinterest I found this fun Mardi Gras quilt! And as a native New Orleanian living on the MS Gulf Coast, I have a new reason to go to NOLA, Mes Amis!
    Thank you for such fun inspiration!

  12. I'm linking this quilt to our Mardi Gras Facebook post for March 1st. I love the colors and design. I hope that's ok.


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