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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Laundry Money

I'm supposed to be using my time wisely cooking and getting my house ready to decorate for Christmas today, but I couldn't resist taking a few minutes to share my Miss Kate coin quilt finish with you!  It's not really procrastination though.  I actually finished this quilt over the weekend, but it was so rainy, I couldn't get any pictures, and of course the days are so short lately that it's almost dark when I get home from school.  So today was the first opportunity I had to get pictures of it.  There, now that I've justified enough, I feel no guilt whatsoever.

I really love these cheery fabrics!  I wish it was spring or summer so that the backdrop could show off the colors better.  Bonnie and Camille fabrics fabrics just make me smile!

This was my first ever jelly roll purchase.  Yes, that's right- my very first.  I usually don't buy a lot of precuts (unless you count fat quarters), because I don't always know what to do with them.  I love quilts with strips, but I usually just use the fabric I have on hand.  I have to say that the jelly roll was nice though.  I didn't have to cut the strips, and more importantly, it gave me tons of fabric variety.

Of course, that meant that I didn't have leftovers for my usual scrap festival on the back, but that's okay.  I like the way the wide green stripe echoes the shape of the coin strips, and the navy blue shows the stippling really well.  There was a time when I used to shy away from quilting with contrasting thread in case I made any mistakes, but I've gotten to where I really like the contrast.

The other great thing is that a jelly roll has built in binding strips!  I used all of the solids, and I love the way it frames the coins.  Sometimes, I think a pieced binding is too busy, but with all of the white sashing in this quilt, it works.

Although I'm calling this pattern Laundry Money since it's a coin quilt,  I didn't want to give that name to the quilt itself.  Since "coin quilts" are a quilters' term, I don't see a little girl enjoying that name.  I decided to call the quilt Ticker Tape Parade.

I have been putting my time to good use over the last several days, knowing that the holiday season really cuts down my sewing time.  I went ahead and finished up my Laundry Money pattern, and it is for sale in my Craftsy and Etsy shops!  It's a great use of a jelly roll, so I hope you'll check it out!

I hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving filled with family, food, and fun!


  1. I love this, miss Kate is such a fun fabric line to use precuts with. I also made a few quilts with a miss kate Jellyroll and they are some of my favorites.
    Your contrasting thread does have a definite appeal to it, it shows your beautiful quilting skills! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Delightful quilt, Kelly!! I kept wandering off from my cleaning and cooking yesterday, too -- nice to take a break by quilting to reve me up again!! May you have a grateful Thanksgiving.

  3. the jelly roll has made a lovely quilt, i like jelly rolls and also charm packs but they seem to stay in the cupboard and come out to be admired then go back in.

  4. Looks very good! Actually the wintery backdrop makes the colors more vivid. Good name too--I envy those who can think of great quilt titles. I've not yet bought a jelly roll.

  5. Great quilt! I think jelly rolls are my favourite precut. They're the first kind I bought. I like patterns that allow you to piece the strips together first though, rather than cut every piece of the quilt individually. That is not time saving!

    1. I agree! Cutting the jelly roll strips into individual pieces would NOT be time saving. I certainly took advantage of strip piecing on this pattern.

      :) Kelly


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