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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

NTT- Mustard Misadventure

Welcome to Needle and Thread Thursday, y'all.  I have spent an inordinately long time on this little quilt, and frankly, I'm happy to add it to the finished list.

This quilt only measures 38" x 40", but it really felt like a chore to get it to a place where I didn't hate it.  I ended up cutting up my blue/aqua/teal scraps and shuffling them again, and then I liked the look much better, but it needed something else to give it some pop.  I auditioned several solids in my stash and decided to use this rich yellow-orangey Kona Papaya.  I really like the contrast it offers.  These strips are just under a 1/2" (finished), and when it all came together I thought it looked like a mustard bottle had been shaken up with the cap being open, so Mustard Misadventure it is!

I went straight into my stash for a backing, and found this tonal aqua chevron print, and used up the last little bit of my Papaya on the binding.  Though this is still not one of my very favorite quilts, it is growing on me, and I think it will make a cute little baby quilt to donate to our local children's hospital.

Aside from this project, I have also been working on something that I can't share just yet; and of course, cheering on team USA!  

Last week, there were tons of amazing projects linked up, like this quilt by Linda at Flourishing Palms-

And this patriotic quilt by Institches with Bonnie-

Or how about this beauty by Marga's Crafts-

And finally, look at this gorgeous quilt by Sandra at mmm quilts-

Y'all are amazing!  So, without further ado, let's get to the party.

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  1. Sometimes those improv pieces take awhile! I like the addition of the mustard, and the name!

  2. The papaya glows against the aqua. I often have to remind myself with improv that it's more than okay to keep going until I'm happy with how it looks and how much power there is in the mindset of, "yes, and..."

  3. Lots of blue crumb block love happening here! And I love the addition of the Papaya fabric, very effective contrast!

  4. Your little quilt is very cool and I am sure it will be appreciated by whoever receives it. The pop of mustard colour was a great idea; it's good to try something that takes us out of our comfort zone sometimes!

  5. Third time was a charm! The papaya does give it that little addition of color!

  6. I love how that turned out, and I'm glad you kept going until you were happy with it. The slices of "mustard" have a great effect!

  7. I love your description of shaking your mustard bottle over your quilt! Great one

  8. That's such a neat little quilt! Crazy how the little ones can give us such pain, while some big ones are a breeze. Thank you for featuring my quilt!

  9. Way to keep at it until you found the look that satisfied you. I love it!

  10. I love Mustard Misadventure!
    Kathleen -- kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  11. I love your Mustard Misadventure, too! That Papaya color reminds me of the Cheddar color in antique quilts, and it's so unexpected and surprising with the blues -- in the best way. I love it!

  12. Thanks so much for featuring my quilt on your blog. Papaya is a great color to use with the aquas. a

  13. The pop of contrasting colour is just perfect in your little quilt!

  14. Yummy colors in your little quilt! I love mustard AND papaya, and it's such a nice contrast to the aqua. Excellent choice and final outcome. How nice of you to share my quilt. Thanks!


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