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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Super Sweet and NTT

Around here, we are squarely in the time of year that we refer to in my family as "tassel season."  If you're familiar with Red Oak trees, you know that just as the leaves emerge in the spring, they drop pollen filled tassels, and they cover everything, including my deck.  Throw in a good rain, and those tassels stick together into big, icky clumps.  Which means that quilt photos become more difficult until we can get them cleaned up, because the last things I want on my newly finished quilt top are pollen and oak tassels.  All of this is to say that taking this photo of my latest quilt was an adventure, especially since I had to solicit the help of my wild thing (hence the feet and head in the photo).

Okay, so it's no secret that I'm not a pink girl.  If I had to pick a least favorite color, pink would definitely be it.  I do like purple and berry tones though, and as I was going through my scraps for my giant color wheel project, I realized that I had lots of scraps that were right on the line between pink and purple.  So, it just made sense to tackle the pink and purple jars together to give all of those hybrid pink/purple fabrics a good home.

Though I am happy with the way this turned out overall, there are definitely quilts that I've made that I like better.  I'm sure it will grow on me as I finish it, but the color palette is just verrrrry sweet, much more so than my usual project.  

Last week's party was filled with awesomeness, as usual.  Check out this Pickle Dish quilt by Jan at The Colorful Fabriholic!

This Somerset quilt is by Shannon at The Flemings Nine, and she is releasing it as a brand new pattern.

Look at this adorable monster quilt, made by Laura at Slice of Pi Quilts, along with her son's 4-H group!

And finally, this woodland-themed baby quilt is by Myra at Busy Hands Quilts is so cute!

Y'all are fantastic!  Let's party, friends!

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  1. Pink isn't my favorite color to use in a quilt either, but I still like yours. Scrappy quilts are always great!

  2. Sometimes I like taking a vacation from my usual palette preferences, although the quilts that result are often given to friends. : ) Yay for you for busting through more scraps!

  3. I like your Super Sweet quilt! I'm not a big pink person either, so I think the addition of the purple helps tone down the pink. I also love how you made bowtie blocks out of scrappy piecing!

  4. Oh, you picked all my faves from last week to showcase! There are so many clever people in the world. Love your blend of purple/berry/pinks - very effective.

  5. Whatever you do ... do not read my latest post!! LOL! Pink is my favorite color and neon pink is high on my list right now! Your latest quilt is gorgeous. Its in between purple and pink, which I do like!

  6. I love your berry/pink/purple quilt, although I'm not a purple girl at all. Sometimes it's fun to play with color palettes outside our usual preferences. Yours is a winner!

  7. I like how your pink/purple quilt turned out. I wouldn't describe it as a pink quilt at all because of all the color variety you've incorporated.

  8. Way to work through the scrap jars... no matter the color!!

  9. Pink/purple/berry go well together. It's a great quilt. Hopefully it will grow on you. ☺


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